Leaked Metal Frame Photos Could Be of Galaxy S5
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / November 23, 2013

Galaxy S5 Could Have Better Specs Than We Thought We’ve got a rumor hot off the mill this morning – and it’s something we told you about some weeks ago. Do you remember when we were talking about the possibility that Samsung would ditch its plastic body and chassis in favor of a metal one for the Galaxy S5? Well, this rumor might turn out to be true after all. Leaked Metal Chassis Photos According to a International Business Times report via NowhereElse.fr, Samsung is said to be trashing the usual plastic chassis in favor of a metal chassis for an upcoming device.  See all of the metal chassis photos at NowhereElse.fr.  Though the author of the NowhereElse.fr report mentions (via Google Translate) that the leak said he is an employee of a firm that contracts with Samsung to make the parts, the leak also claimed that Samsung asked his firm to: “Produce an aluminum frame designed to equip one of its future smartphones without specifying which model it was all about.” Apparently, the frame is scheduled to make its debut in February of 2014 – but whether it will be accompanied by a metal case wasn’t mentioned. If the…

Is Galaxy S5 Coming on Black Friday?
GalaxyS5 , Images , News / November 20, 2013

Fluctuating Galaxy S4 Black Friday Pricing Says Maybe… Today, we’ve got a serious release date rumor that’s for you. Having made its way around the mill only for a day or so, we’re not sure if this will grow legs or not, but we really, really hope it does. Does Galaxy S4 Black Friday Price Mean S5 is on the Way? RadioShack is selling the Galaxy S4 at $50. We checked to be sure, and it’s true. Galaxy S4 is available at $49 starting November 28. Currently, though, those who want a Galaxy S4 can use the Trade & Save program to buy it – and it might wind up a bit cheaper than buying it on black Friday. There’s a catch, though. Calling it Trade & Save, RadioShack requires those who want to get the lowered pricing to bring in a smartphone that works and trade it for the Galaxy S4 and depending on the trade’s condition, you could pay anything from $0 to $99. Testing the deal, the Trade & Save offered us $71.45 towards a purchase for a Sprint Galaxy S3 32 GB that powers up, is in perfect working condition, and is complete with charger. However,…

Rumor: Will Galaxy S5 Get a Wraparound Display?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / November 17, 2013

Galaxy S5 Might Get Wraparound & 2014 Release Date Today we have two rumors that are once again circling the mills. Today’s latest rumors come to us courtesy of Bloomberg via the International Business Times, and notes that in an effort to beat Apple to the punch, Samsung is going to be releasing a Galaxy S5 with an amazing wraparound display. While the device wasn’t mentioned by name, speculation has it that it could be the Galaxy S5 that gets it since Samsung already has the technology, but the comapny put off adding it to the Galaxy S4 and Note III. That article also confirmed something we’ve been saying for a while – the Galaxy S5 will be released in early 2014. Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumor Fortunately, for us, that means that these most recent Galaxy S5 rumors tend to reiterate what we have said previously. Samsung will apparently be releasing the Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone sometime in early 2014, just as we said might happen. This news still points to the Galaxy S5’s release coming to either the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show or the 2014 Mobile World Congress conferences, both of which are held in January each year….

Galaxy S5 to Sport 16 MP with ISOCELL: Samsung Won the Camera War
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / November 13, 2013

Confirmed: Galaxy S5 to Get ISOCELL   Today, instead of a Galaxy S5 rumor, we’ve got a couple of confirmations for you via Samsung. The first was  a Samsung press release that confirmed some of the Galaxy S5 rumors we’ve brought you over the last two months. More specifically, Samsung Tomorrow, the Samsung Global news site, has confirmed that the company’s own ISOCELL CMOS image sensors are for real. While we pretty much knew this already, what we had not yet confirmed was the use of these sensors on the Galaxy S5, but today that rumor has left the mill and made its way to the “confirmed” category. Galaxy S5 to Get 16-MP Camera According to the International Business Times, Samsung announced that the company was working on 16-megapixel technology for upcoming devices, though the IBT noted that that every Samsung smartphone released starting 2014 – and beyond – will sport no less than a 16-megapixel camera utilizing the ISOCELL sensors. According to the Samsung press release, the ISOCELL technology works by increasing a camera’s sensitivity to light, allowing for the camera’s sensors to take control of the way the camera absorbs electrons. Samsung says that this process essentially results…

Will Galaxy S5 Get 560 PPI Screen & 16 MP Camera?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / November 6, 2013

Galaxy S5 120 More PPI than Galaxy S4 It’s yet another Wednesday, and we are bringing you yet another rumor about the Galaxy S5. This time, however, it’s not about the chip set – luckily, those rumors have cooled off for the time being. No, this time we finally have something different to share with our loyal readers. Nevertheless, the fact that every day that passes a new rumor surfaces means that fans are just itching to get their hands on the as yet unannounced devices – and apparently they have good reason to feel this way. Today’s rumors come to us via the International Business Times and Geek.com. According to their various sources, the Galaxy S5 will boast a 16-megapixel camera and the screen will boast a huge increase in the number of pixels per square inch. Let’s Talk about Galaxy S5 Pixels While we all no doubt thought that Samsung’s ability to get 441 pixels per square inch into the Galaxy S4’s display was pretty darn amazing, and made viewing anything on it a dream, Samsung has apparently figured out how to pack a bigger wallop with the S5.  According to Geek.com, the Galaxy S5 will boast a…

More Galaxy S5 Release Date, OS, and CPU Rumors
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / November 3, 2013

With the Nexus 5 finally released – a powerful combination of Android Kit-Kat and LG’s awesome technology, fans of the Galaxy are wondering when their turn is coming. Though the rumors are heating up about the Galaxy S5 again, some have turned their attentions toward the Nexus 5 because of its release. Nevertheless, we are here to tell you to come on back and see what Galaxy S5 rumors are flying through the mill today – there is a reason the rumors are heating up again. More Release Date Rumors? Once again, we have heard about a Galaxy S5 release date – and it seems that our initial prediction that the Galaxy S5 will be released at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show is on track to being correct. All indications point to that date, or at the very least, an otherwise early January 2014 release date says the International Business Times. More Mobil OS Rumors – Android Kit-Kat vs. Samsung  Tizen™ However, while that same IBT report says that the newest Android Kit-Kat mobile operating system the Galaxy simply because it is the power behind the Nexus 5, that will not necessarily, be the case. The IBT’s reasoning behind their…

More Rumored Galaxy S5 Specs: 4GB RAM, 64-Bit 8-Core CPU
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / October 29, 2013

Yet Another Galaxy S5 64-bit CPU Rumor According to PhoneArena via DT, the South Korean online magazine that’s leaked a lot of cool information about the Samsung Galaxy S5 of late, the as yet unannounced Galaxy S5 will definitely be getting that 64-bit CPU about which we keep hearing.  Though most mainstream media sites swear that it is impossible for the Galaxy to get a 64-bit unit, we thought it was possible and said as much in this previous post. Now, DT is saying it is once again possible, and the news comes with a sidekick of a rumor that not only is the CPU in its final production stages, but that – if the Google Translate version of the DT page is correct – the CPU will be ready in about a month. CPU to Feature Eight Cores? In an October 25 report, PhoneArena said that Samsung executives hinted at this possibility of the chip’s readiness during the press conference held for their quarterly results. The company apparently decided that it should speed up its timetable to complete and release the Galaxy s5 because of the competition from Apple and its own S5, which is currently the only available…

Samsung to Block Galaxy S5 from 3rd Party Accessories?
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / October 24, 2013

Galaxy S5, Say it isn’t so…  Unfortunately, that’s the rumor we have to serve up to you today, courtesy of Sulekah.com – though the report doesn’t mention the source giving them the information, they do make a credible argument as to why Samsung would do something like this – besides the fact the company would make a ton of money. Galaxy S3 Explodes in Girl’s Pocket Back in July 2013, a few Samsung device users – various devices, not only cell phones – experienced the worst possible manufacturer malfunction. Their devices exploded for what they thought was no particular reason. Samsung uncovered and attributed the cause of the limited number of explosions to the different third party accessories that the users had connected to the device. While the accessories were supposed to have been compatible, there was an apparent problem with the compatibility, not to mention with the quality of the manufacturing, which caused the devices to smolder, smoke and burn to a crisp. Toast, we’re telling you. In fact, according to this NewLaunches.com report, an 18-year-old teen had a Galaxy S3 explode in her pocket – well, not exactly. It caught fire first and injured her so badly that…

Sony vs. Samsung: Galaxy S5 16 MP Camera War
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / October 23, 2013

Plus: Galaxy S5 to Get Plastic Body? Though everyone is amazed with the new Samsung Note, the Galaxy S5 is still the talk of the town, as evidenced by the rumor mill that just will not quit, though there are some experts who are for some reason just hearing about these “new” rumors… Go figure. Today we are here to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely be getting the ISOCELL technology in its camera. We think its more possible now than it ever was because this is not the first time this specific rumor has surfaced, and this time it’s from a different source. Well, when we first told you about the ISOCELL technology, we mentioned that we had heard that it would be accompanied with Lytro tech as well, although that part of that specific rumor didn’t make this round.. What are the Camera Features? According to GSMArena via ETNews, the camera will feature a 16 GB sensor, and both Samsung’s own LSI and Sony are going to fight it out for the rights to produce them en masse, calling what is sure to be an interesting fight a bidding war. We’re wondering why Samsung LSI…

Rumor: Galaxy S5 Drops 64-bit Support?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / October 18, 2013

Experts can’t make up their minds about Galaxy S5. Just a few hours after we told you about the back and forth about the potential whether the Galaxy S5 would get 64-bit support via Samsung’s own chip, or via the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 64-bit chip, a new report was published stating that Galaxy S5 wouldn’t be released with the 64-bit CPU after all. The Latest Rumor Source The report, issued by Trusted Reviews, stated that Samsung would not be able to “mass produce the chip in time for launch” of the device. The chip in question at this point was the 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU we told you about yesterday. However, we would just like to point out that just because Samsung doesn’t have the capability to mass produce the chips in time for the Galaxy S5 launch, doesn’t mean that the device will lack 64-bit support entirely. Samsung could always go with the originally rumored choice, the Snapdragon chip. The Snapdragon is powerful, built for LTE and other CPU-heavy processes, and beloved by current users of devices with Snapdragon CPU installations. According to the Trusted Reviews report, they got the info from Unwired View, which states: “Mass production of…