Rumor: Galaxy S5 Drops 64-bit Support?

October 18, 2013

Experts can’t make up their minds about Galaxy S5.

Just a few hours after we told you about the back and forth about the potential whether the Galaxy S5 would get 64-bit support via Samsung’s own chip, or via the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 64-bit chip, a new report was published stating that Galaxy S5 wouldn’t be released with the 64-bit CPU after all.

The Latest Rumor Source

Galaxy S5 Release Date in IndiaThe report, issued by Trusted Reviews, stated that Samsung would not be able to “mass produce the chip in time for launch” of the device. The chip in question at this point was the 64-bit Exynos 6 CPU we told you about yesterday.

However, we would just like to point out that just because Samsung doesn’t have the capability to mass produce the chips in time for the Galaxy S5 launch, doesn’t mean that the device will lack 64-bit support entirely. Samsung could always go with the originally rumored choice, the Snapdragon chip. The Snapdragon is powerful, built for LTE and other CPU-heavy processes, and beloved by current users of devices with Snapdragon CPU installations.

According to the Trusted Reviews report, they got the info from Unwired View, which states:

“Mass production of a 14nm 64-bit Exynos processor is still months away, and when it is ready the Galaxy S5 will have already launched.”

We’d like to point out two things:

First, Unwired View is and Trusted Reviews are saying that it’s still months before the 14mm is mass producible is moot – the use of the 14mm CPU was never confirmed, and as such, could be hogwash. Samsung could absolutely decide to use the 28mm instead, which would be available for the January rumored launch.

Second – and most important – we can’t really know – no can know, really – when the device is being released. It could be next month, or it could be in January. Or, Samsung could decide to release it in April as originally rumored so that it can utilize the Exynos CPU.

In any case, Unwired View is getting its information from a Korean site, (the article/site as viewed in Google Translate) which itself is getting its information as rumors from unnamed sources who apparently lifted information from SEC filings and other alleged inside info while providing nothing to back up the information.

Not that we’re bashing any of these news sites for their journalism, but it is customary to offer proof – even when rumors are concerned. Maybe upload a portion of the SEC release the site talks about, blacked out so it doesn’t let sensitive info slip, or maybe give us an idea of to whom they talked.

After everything is said and done, the fact remains that without Samsung acknowledging that the Galaxy S5 even exists, we don’t what can happen between now and then concerning what CPU it will sport, or when Samsung will release it – if at all.


Will Samsung release Galaxy S5 with a 64-bit chip? Let us know what you think below!

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