Uh Oh! Samsung Removing Waterproof Specs From The Galaxy S6
Galaxy S6 , GalaxyS5 , smart phones / January 27, 2015

The Samsung Galaxy S5 was the hottest smartphone of 2014, selling over 12 million units in its first three months of being released. It’s a beautiful, brilliant device that delivers the perfect blend of performance and style. But one of the key features that makes Samsung’s flagship handset such an attractive choice may not be included in the Galaxy S6. According to the South Korean news site Digital Daily, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will not be dust/waterproof. Samsung went out of its way to make the Galaxy S5 resistant to dust and water, giving it an International Protection Marking of 6/7. This means it’s fully protected against the ingress of dust and protected against the effects of immersion between 15cm and 1m. There’s no faster way to ruin your day than by dropping your smartphone in a puddle of water — something that far too many of us have experienced in our lives. Samsung acknowledged this issue, choosing to make all of its Galaxy S5 standard-edition units waterproof. If you accidentally expose your Galaxy S5 to dust or water, you can rest assured knowing that it’s protected. Many consumers have purchased the Galaxy S5 specifically for this reason. This begs…

Is The Samsung Galaxy S5 Still Worth Buying?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / January 22, 2015

Originally released April 11, 2014 in 150 countries, the Galaxy S5 is one of the Samsung’s best-selling smartphones. According to the International Business Times, the South Korean company shipped more than 10 million units within a 25-day period. But the mobile industry changes rapidly, with newer and faster devices being released on a monthly basis. So, is the Samsung Galaxy S5 still worth buying today? With Samsung expected to release the Galaxy S6 later this year, many people would say “no,” the Galaxy S5 is not worth buying. After all, why would you spend several hundred dollars on a smartphone when its successor is right around the corner ? To better answer this question, though, you must first look at the device’s specs and how they fare against other market-leading smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy S5 features a 5.1″ Super AMOLED display with 1080 x 1920 pixels covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 3. It’s not the largest the display on a smartphone — especially when compared to the Google Nexus 6’s 5.96″ screen — but most users agree that it feels right. At just over five inches, it’s large enough to watch videos, play games and perform other operations, but it’s…

Galaxy S6 Rumored To Sport 4GB RAM, Dual-Edge Display
Galaxy S6 , News , smart phones / January 22, 2015

With the annual Mobile World Congress less than two months away, consumers and tech professionals alike are eager to see what new devices Samsung will unveil. Last year, the South Korean company announced the Galaxy S5 at the event. While there’s been no confirmation from Samsung, reports suggest it will unveil the next-generation Galaxy smartphone at the 2015 Mobile World Congress. Given the popularity of the Galaxy S5, it’s hard to fathom how Samsung plans to create an even better smartphone. However, rumors are beginning to pop up left and right, suggesting the upcoming Galaxy S6 features some surprisingly powerful components. As most loyal Samsung users already know, the Galaxy S5 featured 2GB RAM. This wasn’t the most memory used in a 2014 smartphone (Google Nexus 6 and several others used 3GB), but it serves its purpose just fine. According to a report published by the Italian news site Webtrek, the upcoming Galaxy S6 will feature not 2GB, not 3GB, but a mind-blowing 4GB of memory. Assuming this information is correct, the Galaxy S6 will boast the most RAM of any smartphone on the market. It’s important to note that this could be region-specific, meaning only certain Galaxy S6 units…

How To Set Up and Use S Voice on The Galaxy S5
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / January 19, 2015

Samsung S Voice is a voice-controlled personal assistant, activator, and navigator that’s compatible on over a dozen different Galaxy devices. You can use it to make phone calls, create and send text messages, and even play music (among other things). Being that Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s flagship smartphone, it should come as no surprise that it too supports S Voice. So, how do you set up and use S Voice on the Galaxy S5? To set up S Voice, tap the Home button followed by the Apps drawer (looks like a grid of dots). This will bring up a list of all apps currently installed on your Galaxy S5. Scroll through your apps and choose “S Voice.” Remember, apps are arranged alphabetically, so look for apps that start with “S” if you’re having trouble finding it. Tip: another way to open S Voice is by double tapping the home key. Some users prefer the traditional method, however, since frequent use of the home key may wear it down. Upon opening the S Voice app for the first time, you’ll be presented with a Welcome page. Click the Next button in the bottom right-hand corner to proceed to the next page….

Samsung Unveils Galaxy A7 at CES
Galaxy S6 , News , smart phones / January 12, 2015

Samsung has unveiled its third smartphone in the Galaxy A series at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Featuring a bold 5.5-inch Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy A7 is bigger than both the Galaxy A5 and A6. However, don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s uncomfortable to hold or use. With a thickness of just 6.3 mm, the Galaxy A7 is the slimmest smartphone in Samsung’s A series. It’s important to note that Samsung is offering two different versions of the Galaxy A7: a single SIM variant and a dual-SIM variant. The single-SIM Galaxy A7 will feature a 32-bit Exynos 5430 chipset, which actually uses four Cortex A15 cores and four Cortex A7 cores (making it an octa-core processor), while the dual-SIM version features the 64-bit Snapdragon 615 SoC, which also uses eight cores. Regarding the performance of these octa-core processors, it’s still early to make any definitive statements. However, experts say both variants of the Galaxy A7 will deliver impressive speeds. Dual-SIM smartphones have become a hot commodity in recent years, as more and more people need both a personal and business line. With compatible smartphones like the new Samsung Galaxy A7, users can setup…

Galaxy S5 Receives Top Ranking on Consumer Reports
GalaxyS5 / January 9, 2015

According to an article published at Phone Arena, three different variations of the Samsung Galaxy S5 topped the list of Consumer Reports smartphone rankings. The original launch-edition Galaxy S5 and the Galaxy S5 Active tied for first place with 79/100 points, while the Galaxy S5 Sport came in third with a slightly lower rating of 78/100. Why did the Galaxy S5 Sport rank lower than the original Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S5 Active? Hardware and software specs remain almost identical, so it should have the same score, right? The magazine reports that the Galaxy S5 Sport doesn’t offer the same amount of talk time as the other two Galaxy S5 devices. Granted, all three models use the same 2800mAh battery, and they all feature Samsung’s signature Ultra-Powering Saving mode, but benchmarks reveal the Galaxy S5 Sport doesn’t last as long on a charge. In case you were wondering, the Apple iPhone 6 received a score of 77/100, lower than all three of the aforementioned Galaxy S5 devices. Consumer Reports ranked the iPhone 6 fairly high, but it still failed in comparison to the Galaxy S5, Galaxy S5 Active and Galaxy S5 Sport. Surprisingly, the iPhone 6 Plus ranked even lower,…

Does You Galaxy S5 Randomly Restart? Here’s How To Fix It.
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / January 7, 2015

Does your Galaxy S5 randomly restart for no apparent reason? While not a critical issue, it’s still a nuisance that can interfere with your phone calls, text messages, and the other ways in which you use your device. Perhaps you’re in the middle of an important business call and all of sudden your Galaxy S5 reboots. There are few possible reasons why your Galaxy S5 is restarting, the most common of which is a stuck power button. All physical buttons are susceptible to sticking over time. Dirt, dust, dead skin cells and oil will gather around the exterior portion of the button, essentially holding it in place. Thankfully, this is a relatively easy fix that should take just a few minutes. Start by turning off your Galaxy S5 and removing the battery. Attempting to fix this issue with the battery left inside may lead to data corruption, so don’t overlook this essential step. Once the battery is removed, continue pressing the power button on and off for 5 minutes or until it becomes unstuck. The Samsung Galaxy S5’s power button is designed to snap when pressed. If you don’t hear this characteristic snapping sound, chances are it’s stuck. Follow the…

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs BlackBerry Classic
Comparison , GalaxyS5 , smart phones / January 5, 2015

We’ve performed side-by-side comparisons of the Galaxy S5 next to other Android-powered devices (HTC One M8, OnePlus One, Nexus 5, etc.), but this week we’re going to take a step in a different direction by comparing Samsung’s flagship smartphone to the new BlackBerry Classic. The BlackBerry Classic was officially launched in New York, Singapore and Frankfurt, Germany last month. The Classic maintains true to the QWERTY-keyboard style that made BlackBerry such a popular device, but it also introduces several technological improvements. “We listened closely to our customers’ feedback to ensure we are delivering the technologies to power them through their day – and that feedback led directly to the development of BlackBerry Classic,” said John Chen, Executive Chairman and CEO at BlackBerry. Let’s first talk about the operating systems used in the Galaxy S5 and BlackBerry Classic. As you may already know, the Galaxy S5 runs Android 4.4.4 KitKat, which is currently being updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop. The BlackBerry Classic, on the other hand, runs BlackBerry 10, which has significantly fewer apps and features. There’s a notable difference in size between the two devices, as well. The Galaxy S5 features a bold 5.1-inch display, whereas the BlackBerry Classic is…