T-Mobile To Offer $100 Off Galaxy S5 and Note 3
GalaxyS5 , News , Price , smart phones / November 20, 2014

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday right around the corner, you can expect to see some hot deals in the upcoming weeks. This makes November the perfect time to buy a new smartphone like the Galaxy S5 or Note 3. In fact, T-Mobile recently announced plans to sell both of these devices at $100 off their original price. But there
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Samsung Galaxy S5 Price To Drop 24% In 3 Months
GalaxyS5 , Price / February 13, 2014

With the release of Samsung’s next flagship smartphone just weeks away, tech-savvy consumers from across the world are eagerly anticipating its arrival. We’ve covered some pretty interesting rumors regarding the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5, including its processor, camera, RAM and more. One thing that we haven’t talked much about, however, is the price. While we still don’t know how much
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Will Galaxy S5 Fans be Disappointed? Doubtful…
GalaxyS5 , News , Price , smart phones / October 4, 2013

Some new rumors have cropped up this week about the Galaxy S5 by Samsung including one about a new release date, another regarding potential display type and a third rumor about its overall feature set. Yet another rumor states that anticipated buyers are going to be very, very disappointed with what Samsung actually releases. So let’s get down to business
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Anticipated pricing for the Samsung Galaxy s5
GalaxyS5 , News , Price , smart phones / September 23, 2013

With all the amazing features that may be available on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 cell phone, it is anticipated that the retail Galaxy S5 price will be no less than $700. Given the pricing on the previous models, and the changes that will be implemented into the new device, The S5 will most definitely carry a high bill. The high
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