Samsung GALAXY S5 — Sunrise to Sunset
GalaxyS5 , Images , smart phones / July 30, 2014

Samsung’s marketing department has done it again. This time releasing a stunning HD video of Trieste, Italy that was shot entirely on the Galaxy S5. The video, titled “Sunrise to Sunset,” is 1 minutes and 25 seconds long and depicts some truly gorgeous scenes of a quaint Italian town. If you didn’t know otherwise, you might assume the video was shot
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Rumor: Galaxy S5 Display in Production
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / December 28, 2013

Will Galaxy S5 Display be Flat or Curved? In our last few posts, we talked about a potential release date for the Galaxy S5, noting that it is likely to be announced at the February, 2014 press event that Samsung has scheduled to take the day before the Mobile World Congress is scheduled to open to show off its own
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Galaxy S5 Rumor: AT&T Testing Galaxy, Release set for Feb MWC
GalaxyS5 , Images , smart phones , Tips Corner / December 22, 2013

Getting Ready for MWC Release in February? Today, we’ve got a couple of exciting rumors for you – one concerns a potential Galaxy S5 release date and the other pre-market testing. Today’s Galaxy S5 lab-testing rumor comes to us courtesy of @Evleaks, which usually operates via Twitter. You’ve heard of @Evleaks, right? Of course, you have – everyone has heard
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Rumor: Galaxy S5 to Get Eye Scanning Technology?
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones , Tips Corner / December 20, 2013

 Galaxy S5 Potentially Ups Device Security We’ve seen another interesting rumor parading itself around the mill the last few days, and it confirms the ISOCELL camera technology rumor, courtesy of the Analysts Day documents, as well as the 2,000 display, 560 ppi rumor. A bit different from what we’ve heard previously, when taken in context with  other speculated Galaxy S5
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Galaxy S5 to Get Diamond Metal Body, 560 PPI
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / December 19, 2013

Galaxy S5 to Get Updated Design with Carbon Treated Body? Over the last few days, we’ve seen a number of “new” rumors making their way through the mill concerning the Galaxy S5, some of which seem to confirm some of our previous reports about the much-anticipated Samsung device. Let’s get started, shall we? Galaxy S5 to Get Diamond Metal Body
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New Galaxy S5 Flex and Straight Body Concept Specs and Image
GalaxyS5 , Images , News / December 14, 2013

New Galaxy S5 Concept Viable While we were researching the information for our last post about the PLS LCD display and the possibility that Samsung is releasing a budget and premium version of its much anticipated Galaxy S5 smartphone, we ran across a interesting post featuring the Galaxy S5. However, it did not contain a simple rehash of device or
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Rumor Has it Galaxy J is Galaxy S5
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / December 9, 2013

Is the Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumor True? A video popped up from Samsung stating that the Galaxy J would be released on Monday, December 9, which caused a panic for those awaiting the Galaxy S5. Why was it such an issue? Because the latest rumor around the mill says that the Galaxy J is in fact none other than
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