Rumor: Galaxy S5 Display in Production

December 28, 2013

Will Galaxy S5 Display be Flat or Curved?

In our last few posts, we talked about a potential release date for the Galaxy S5, noting that it is likely to be announced at the February, 2014 press event that Samsung has scheduled to take the day before the Mobile World Congress is scheduled to open to show off its own Tizen mobile OS.

Galaxy S5 Display in Production Already?

Samsung Galaxy Round

Galaxy Round Via Samsung Media Library

However, according to the latest rumors that made it around the mill over the Christmas holiday, the Galaxy S5 has apparently made it into mass production already – or parts of it have, anyway, but this rumor feels a bit fishy to us.

According to a report by the International Business Times via Korean publication, the current device display in mass production is a 5.25-inch flat QHD AMOLED display featuring a resolution of 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels, as we mentioned previously, and it will sport a pixel density of 560 pixels per inch – which we also mentioned previously. 

However, we also talked about the Galaxy S5 featuring a bendable or otherwise flexible display previously, although at the time we were not (and still are not) sure how it would bend.

Flat or Curved?

The current reports about the display in mass production do not specify whether the display is flat or curved.

However, there is a quote from a Samsung employee stating that Samsung is indeed producing a “curved display” for an up and coming device on the same page, but because we had to use Google Translate to read the page, the translation doesn’t make it clear whether that statement is part of the display report or not.

The fact remains thought that Samsung is definitely building a curved display – we just hope that Google didn’t mess up the translation…

The Ddaily report also notes that an industry official stated that the Galaxy S5 display would be installed atop a

“Sub-pixel structure and material composition (development code name M4) [that] … will also provide increased resolution of the Galaxy S4…”

Although the official implied that the display for the S5 would not be significantly higher than that of the Galaxy S4, this is a translated version so we can’t be sure if that is indeed what was said. 

Updated Release Date Rumors

Looking ahead at the release date rumors, it is still thought that the Galaxy S5 will be released via AT&T since the carrier already allegedly had the device for testing purposes.

AT&T Testing Galaxy S5

AT&T Testing Galaxy S5? Photo via @Evleaks

While this is just a rumor, it comes to us via @EVLeaks, as we mentioned here, so it is somewhat reliable – much more so than any other rumor we’ve heard, anyway.

Though it is still unknown what specific features and specifications the Galaxy S5 will sport when it is finally released, because of the info gathered from various reliable sources and “leaks,” it is reasonable to assume that Browsermark and from AnTuTu specs are correct.

This means that we know for sure that at least one of the two Samsung devices thought to be budget and premium Galaxy S5 versions will at least sport Kit-Kat, and we think the other will sport Tizen because of the above mentioned press event Samsung scheduled.

Otherwise, we still can’t confirm much about the Galaxy S5, and until Samsung decides to make its presence known, all we can do is make educated guesses, as we always do – and we haven’t been too far off the mark yet…

Do you think the Galaxy S5 will sport a flat or curved display? Let us know in the comments!

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