Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime Spotted In Bluetooth Certification
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / May 20, 2014

  As Samsung officials continue to deny rumors of an upcoming premium variant of its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, evidence is piling up which suggests a release is on the horizon. The latest evidence includes a screenshot taken from Bluetooth SIG’s website (see image above), showing the device build SM-G906. This, of course, is just one more sign pointing towards a premium, or Prime, variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Unfortunately, the Blutooth SIG screenshot doesn’t reveal any hardware or software specifications for the device. It only lists the device as being Bluetooth 4.0-compatible, which is pretty much a given with any Galaxy smartphone. How do we know that device build SM-G906 is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime? Everything is pure speculation at this point, but a Dutch website published the build earlier this year, claiming to have discovered it using Samsung’s official Find My Mobile service. The build, SM-G906, is the same found on the Blutooth SIG’s website, which would leave some people to believe that Samsung is working on the Prime variant with plans to release it in the near future. Of course, this isn’t the only instance of build SM-G906 being spotted. A Hong Kong website reportedly…

Samsung Galaxy 5 Dual-SIM Variant Spotted In China
GalaxyS5 / April 7, 2014

In keeping up with the tradition of its flagship smartphone line, Samsung is working around the clock to release new variants of the Galaxy S5. The website recently published an article suggesting the South Korean company is preparing to release a Galaxy S5 Active, based on a leaked screenshot revealing the M-G870A model name. But with the standard Galaxy S5 already featuring a water-resistant, dust-resistant shell, some tech enthusiasts are wondering what new features Samsung will add to the Galaxy S5 Active. One of the notable features of the Galaxy S5 that drew praise from smartphone critics was its standard water/dust-resistant technology. While the Galaxy S5 isn’t waterproof by any means, it’s designed to withstand small amounts of moisture, reducing the chance of permanent damage if you accidentally expose it to water. With a Galaxy S5 Active variant on the horizon, we can only speculate as to what kind of features and goodies Samsung will add to try and entice consumers. We also covered a story here on about the smaller Galaxy S5 Mini variant, which is expected to hit the market later this year. The Galaxy S5 Mini will likely feature a Snapdragon processor (800 or 801), 8-megapixel…

Samsung Galaxy S5 at The Unpacked 5 Event: What To Expect
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / February 7, 2014

Get ready, because the official unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is just a few weeks away! In case you haven’t heard, Samsung’s upcoming flagship smarthpone, the Galaxy S5, will be launched the company’s Unpacked 5 event on February 24th in Barcelona, Spain (yes, this February). Several journalists and publication agencies have reinforced this rumor, but the real evidence suggesting an imminent Galaxy S5 release comes from Samsung’s own invitations they sent out for the Unpacked 5 event (see invitation below). And some of you may remember when, and how, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5 — also at the Unpacked event. Samsung hasn’t officially stated whether or not they plan to unveil the Galaxy S5 at the Unpacked 5 event, but it’s pretty much the only likely scenario. After all, the Unpacked “Five” event would offer the perfect stage for Samsung to display the Galaxy S “Five.” Galaxy S5 Hardware Specs Assuming Samsung unveils the Galaxy S5 at the Unpacked 5 event, we’ll finally get a chance to see the official hardware specs of this next-gen smartphone. There’s been numerous leaked reports and details regarding the Galaxy S5’s hardware, but none of which have been confirmed by Samsung officials. Since…

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumored For Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint
GalaxyS5 / January 31, 2014

Are you worried that Samsung won’t release the Galaxy S5 for your call carrier? A new rumor courtesy of suggests that the South Korean company will release their upcoming flagship smartphone on the nation’s top four cell carriers: Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint, offering consumers a greater amount of freedom over choosing their coverage and plans. What We Know About The Galaxy S5’s Carrier Options Unfortunately, we’re left to speculate over which U.S. carriers will offer the Samsung Galaxy S5. Even with a release just a couple months away (or sooner), Samsung remains quite on the hardware, software and carrier speces of their upcoming flagship smartphone. The good news is that some rather “interesting” evidence has sprung up, suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will in fact be available for Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Earlier this week, be covered a story which involved a photo that was reportedly taken using the Samsung Galaxy S5’s rear-facing camera. The picture isn’t clear or detailed by any means, but it contained some interesting EXIF data which hinted towards a 16-megapixel camera. This is a huge news for people like myself who use their smartphone camera on a daily basis….

Should I Buy The Samsung Galaxy S4 Or Wait For the Galaxy S5?
Comparison , GalaxyS5 / January 18, 2014

Ready to upgrade your smartphone but can’t seem to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the company’s upcoming Galaxy S5? This is a scenario that’s becoming more and more common as we draw near the Galaxy S5’s release date. Some people are willing to hold off on purchasing a new smartphone in hopes of laying their hands on the first Galaxy S5s to hit the market, but others want their new smartphone now, so they choose the current Galaxy S4 model. If you’re still scratching your head trying to decide which one is right for you, keep reading for the pros and cons associated with choosing each model. Processor The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 is rumored to have a massive Snapdragon 805 processor, which is slightly more powerful than its predecessor. The Samsung Galaxy S4, as you may already know, features a GT-I9500 Exynos 5 Octa 5410 1.6 GHz processor. Both of these processors are fully capable of running your device at blazing-fast speeds, but the upcoming Snapdragon 805 is considered the “best of the best.” Battery Another area where the Samsung Galaxy S5 shines above its predecessor is the battery. We talk about the upcoming Galaxy S5’s battery in…

Samsung Galaxy S5 Expected For March-April Release
News / January 11, 2014

More than just speculation… In a previous blog post, we talked about some of the rumors circulating in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5 release date. In this post, we said it would likely happen around the spring of 2014, as the International Business Times (IBT) had leaked a report which suggested this. The IBT suggested report suggested that mass production of the Samsung Galaxy S5 would begin in January, with the device available for sale around March and April. Did a Samsung Executive Spill The Beans? We know have even more evidence supporting a March-April release date. In an interview with Bloomberg, Samsung Executive Lee Young Hee noted a March/April release date. With the official word coming from an actual Samsung executive, you can mark your calenders for a March-April release date! “We’ve been announcing our first flagship model in the first half of each year, around March and April, and we are still targeting for release around that time. When we release our S5 device, you can also expect a Gear successor with more advanced functions, and the bulky design will also be improved,” said Lee Young Hee, executive for Samsung. With March just a couple months away, consumers…

Rumor: Galaxy S5 Display in Production
GalaxyS5 , Images , News , smart phones / December 28, 2013

Will Galaxy S5 Display be Flat or Curved? In our last few posts, we talked about a potential release date for the Galaxy S5, noting that it is likely to be announced at the February, 2014 press event that Samsung has scheduled to take the day before the Mobile World Congress is scheduled to open to show off its own Tizen mobile OS. Galaxy S5 Display in Production Already? However, according to the latest rumors that made it around the mill over the Christmas holiday, the Galaxy S5 has apparently made it into mass production already – or parts of it have, anyway, but this rumor feels a bit fishy to us. According to a report by the International Business Times via Korean publication, the current device display in mass production is a 5.25-inch flat QHD AMOLED display featuring a resolution of 2560 pixels by 1440 pixels, as we mentioned previously, and it will sport a pixel density of 560 pixels per inch – which we also mentioned previously.  However, we also talked about the Galaxy S5 featuring a bendable or otherwise flexible display previously, although at the time we were not (and still are not) sure how it…

Galaxy S5 Rumor: AT&T Testing Galaxy, Release set for Feb MWC
GalaxyS5 , Images , smart phones , Tips Corner / December 22, 2013

Getting Ready for MWC Release in February? Today, we’ve got a couple of exciting rumors for you – one concerns a potential Galaxy S5 release date and the other pre-market testing. Today’s Galaxy S5 lab-testing rumor comes to us courtesy of @Evleaks, which usually operates via Twitter. You’ve heard of @Evleaks, right? Of course, you have – everyone has heard of this “walking rumor mill. AT&T Rumored to be Testing Galaxy S5 Well, according to the latest @evleaks tweet concerning the Galaxy S5, AT&T has apparently gotten its hands on the device already for pre-market testing in their labs. The tweet reads: “AT&T is testing a version of that high-res Samsung handset (SM-G900A), giving some support to the theory that it’s an int’l flagship (GS5?)” Note that the tweet specifically mentions the variant “SM-G900A” and not the “F,” and it claims the “A” variant is a “high-res,” device – backing up our double device theory, in which we speculate on a premium Galaxy S5 and a budget Galaxy S5.   The testing that @Evleaks is referring to is the pre-market testing required by the FCC to ensure the live device does not interfere with other devices or networks, while making sure…

Potential Galaxy S5 Candidate in the Wild
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / December 9, 2013

RightWare Benchmarks Two Samsung Devices We’ve got an awesome and interesting rumor that’s made its way through the mill today – this time about a potential candidate that could actually be the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the wild. According to RightWare via PhoneArena, a new phone has made an appearance in the wild. The report notes that it is possible that the device in the wild could indeed be the actual Samsung Galaxy S5 candidate. Two Potential Candidates The device, a candidate form Samsung with the model number SM-G900F, was introduced to PhoneArena via the RightWare – a company that performs device performance reviews and sets benchmarks –  when it released benchmark results for a different device, the results were more than exciting. In fact, according to RightWare, the company benchmarked a different device with an awesome resolution that is pretty much along the lines of what were are expecting any Samsung device to have -2560 pixels by 1440 pixels. RightWare saw the SM-G900F using the Browsermark, and it came out the other end with admirable performance benchmarks, says PhoneArena. Specially, the device landed in the top three spot, which is something else you’d expect from a Samsung device –…

Galaxy S5 Release Date Coming in January or March?
GalaxyS5 , News / November 28, 2013

Galaxy S5 Rumor Says Release in 2014 We’ve got an awesome new rumor for you today regarding the Galaxy S5, and it’s only been running around the mill for a few hours now. Apparently, according to the International Business Times, someone leaked a brand new release date for the Galaxy S5. According to the report, the Galaxy S5 release date rumor claims that Samsung will be manufacturing the device in early January 2014 with its release scheduled for sometime in March 2014 – and possibly as late as April. While this is certainly welcome news, the dates don’t seem to track with what was previously rumored. Previous Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumors According to previous reports, the Galaxy S5 had a potential release date for the Consumer Electronics Show and Mobile World Congress. However, we are wondering if those previous rumored reports didn’t mix up the “announcement date” with the “release date,” since they are two separate things.  Often, a company will announce that it has a prototype and is planning to release a specific device weeks, and sometimes months, before the device is actually manufactured or available for sale. We think that his is a possibility given the time…