Rumor: AnTuTu SM-G900F Benchmark is Galaxy S5

December 25, 2013

Benchmark of SM-G900F  Confirms Two Galaxy S5 Variants

The weekend has been a busy one for Samsung, what with a dozen or so new rumors making their way around the mill.

One rumor, caught our eye more than the others did, in the respect that the rumor further confirmed a piece of information we have been writing about for a few weeks now.

Device Benchmark Results

Device Benchmark Results via AnTuTu Blog

We went right to the source – AnTuTu’s Blog – used Google Translate (we don’t read Chinese) and read for ourselves that a Samsung device was indeed tested using the AnTuTu app.

Previous Galaxy S5 Benchmarks

Previously we wrote about the potential for Samsung to release two different smartphones under the Galaxy S5 name.

The speculation surrounding that rumor has turned into a confirmation via another benchmarking application.

According to the Browsermark Application benchmark results, the app tested two devices that belong to Samsung; the  SM-G900F variant and the SM-G900A variants.

Though the previous test results didn’t offer up any supporting information, such as mobile OS, CPU, resolution, or other hardware specs the device used during the test, but we did see that there are two variants of the Galaxy S5, as reported here.

Via AnTuTu

AnTuTu benchmark Via AnTuTu Blog

Galaxy S5 AnTuTu Benchmark

This new benchmark was done on AnTuTu, the same app that benchmarked the Nexus 5 just weeks before its release.

Coincidence? We don’t think so…

In fact, AnTuTu tested only one of the devices and transmitted that device’s information to its servers – the Samsung SM-G900F.

The posted results included two benchmarks; one scored 29,223 and the other scored 23,436, though neither is a good score for what is supposed to be a high-end device.

SM-G900F Specifications

Luckily for Samsung fans, whoever benchmarked the SM-G900F, was nice enough to transmit the device specifications, thus confirming our previous reports that there are two devices.

We now have a clearer vision of the SM-G900F: 

  • Android Kit-Kat 4.4 (without updates),
  • Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 CPU
  • Adreno 300 GPU
  • 3GB RAM, 32 GB storage
  • Display resolution of 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels

Granted, while these specifications aren’t all bad, they aren’t what we expected, either.

As for the scores, BGR said that:

“Leaked benchmark test results point to a flagship phone that isn’t anywhere near as exciting as earlier rumors had suggested.”

The “earlier rumors” BGR mentions are those we told you about previously, and include:

  • Samsung’s own Tizen operating system
  • Samsung’s own Exynos 6 octal core 64-bit CPU
  • A 16-megabit camera with ISOCELL
  • The iris scanner we just told you about
  • Quad HD with 2,000 pixel resolution

Plus a few other features that any high end, premium smartphone should sport. However, while BGR mentions the potential for two variants, they apparently forgot about the Samsung press event coming up, at which they’ll announce something related to Tizen.

All Info Points to MWC Release of Two Galaxy S5 Devices

In fact, we think that if you combine the specs confirmed of our previous reports via reliable sources, AnTuTu’s benchmark reports, the upcoming Samsung press event scheduled to coincide with Mobile World Congress, and the fact that Samsung is confirmed to be releasing two variants of “the phone,” we have to believe that the AnTuTu benchmark scores are for the budget variant.

Do you know what that means?

There’s still hope that there will be a second, Galaxy S5 on the way – the one with a metal body, iris scanner, 64-bit Exynos 6 octal core CPU, and massive Full HD resolution…

Do you think Samsung is releasing two Galaxy S5 devices? Let us know below!

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