Leaked Metal Frame Photos Could Be of Galaxy S5

November 23, 2013
Rumored Metal Chassis Camera Hole Photo by: NowhereElse.fr

Rumored Metal Chassis Camera Hole Photo by: NowhereElse.fr

Galaxy S5 Could Have Better Specs Than We Thought

We’ve got a rumor hot off the mill this morning – and it’s something we told you about some weeks ago. Do you remember when we were talking about the possibility that Samsung would ditch its plastic body and chassis in favor of a metal one for the Galaxy S5?

Well, this rumor might turn out to be true after all.

Leaked Metal Chassis Photos

According to a International Business Times report via NowhereElse.fr, Samsung is said to be trashing the usual plastic chassis in favor of a metal chassis for an upcoming device.  See all of the metal chassis photos at NowhereElse.fr. 

Though the author of the NowhereElse.fr report mentions (via Google Translate) that the leak said he is an employee of a firm that contracts with Samsung to make the parts, the leak also claimed that Samsung asked his firm to:

“Produce an aluminum frame designed to equip one of its future smartphones without specifying which model it was all about.”

Apparently, the frame is scheduled to make its debut in February of 2014 – but whether it will be accompanied by a metal case wasn’t mentioned. If the Galaxy S5 does get the frame, it will obviously be better constructed, but it doesn’t mean it’ll have a metal case too.

Chassis Calls for Changes

If true, a Galaxy S5  with a metal chassis would be game changing – you can see in the photos that the chassis calls for some hefty overhauls of the devices’ physical feature. For instance

Display Size

The chassis itself is 5.66 inches long by 2.84 inches wide. This means that the display would be a minimum of 5.5 inches if you figure on a bezel of about 0.1626 inches on all sides, which to us seams reasonable.

Horizontal Metal Chassis

Metal Chassis Horizontal Photo by: NowhereElse.fr

The current Galaxy S4 is 5.38 inches long and 2.75 inches wide, which results in a 5-inch display. The metal chassis in the photos is 5.66 inches long and 2.84 inches wide, which should result in a diagonal screen size of about 5.35 inches or so.

Given these specs, it’s not too far of a stretch to think that Samsung could be upping the ante with the S5, especially since the company typically increases display size with each iteration, as we’ve seen with the Samsung Note, Note 2, and Note 3 devices.

Maybe the increase in size is to accommodate the increased pixels per inch we told you Galaxy S5 is rumored to get?

Galaxy S5 Metal Chassis

Rumored Galaxy S5 Metal Chassis Photo by: NowhereElse.fr

Camera Change

Again, IF this is a chassis built for the Galaxy s5, it suggests other changes such as the fact that the lens of the main camera (rear facing) is located in the body’s upper center, but the chassis change suggests the camera is moving to the body’s edge.

Headphone Jack

According to the photos, the hole for the headphone jack is being moved to the bottom of the body.

Charging and Data Speeds

Additionally, the change suggests that charging and data speeds will be faster because of the space made for a USB 3.0 port – charging and data transfer times are two features that usually factor heavily in consumers’ buying decisions.

Release Date Pushed Back?

The chassis’ scheduled production date is said to be in February according to NowhereElse.fr. However, all clues to date point to Galaxy S5 being released at one of three events – Black Friday, Consumer Electronics Show, or Mobile World Congress.

Just keep in mind that Samsung has been quiet about any Galaxy S5 specs, if it even exits in the first place, so we’ll of course have to wait for official announcements – whenever they come.

Do you think the chassis is for the Galaxy S5? Let us know below!

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