Sony vs. Samsung: Galaxy S5 16 MP Camera War

October 23, 2013

Plus: Galaxy S5 to Get Plastic Body?

Though everyone is amazed with the new Samsung Note, the Galaxy S5 is still the talk of the town, as evidenced by the rumor mill that just will not quit, though there are some experts who are for some reason just hearing about these “new” rumors… Go figure.

Today we are here to tell you that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will definitely be getting the ISOCELL technology in its camera. We think its more possible now than it ever was because this is not the first time this specific rumor has surfaced, and this time it’s from a different source.

Well, when we first told you about the ISOCELL technology, we mentioned that we had heard that it would be accompanied with Lytro tech as well, although that part of that specific rumor didn’t make this round..

What are the Camera Features?

Google Nexus 5 - Best Smartphone 2014According to GSMArena via ETNews, the camera will feature a 16 GB sensor, and both Samsung’s own LSI and Sony are going to fight it out for the rights to produce them en masse, calling what is sure to be an interesting fight a bidding war.

We’re wondering why Samsung LSI and Sony would have to battle it out, because it just seems logical that Samsung LSI would get the contract, though Sony is quite well-known for its own stand alone cameras.

We’ll just have to wait and see, though.  Sony also has the advantage of having previously provided the tech for the Galaxy 4 camera, so it is possible tht Samsung will stick with what its users know.

Until then, just be aware that the ISOCELL tech is definitely going to be a part of the camera. In case you have forgotten, the ISOCELl technology will offer users a bit more stabilization when shooting the image, so that you don’t get the telltale blurry effect that lets people know that you took the photos with your smartphone.

Will Galaxy S5 Get a Plastic body?

Apparently so.  Interestingly enough, we told you about the rumors that said the Galaxy S5 would be getting a metal casing instead of a plastic one – but this rumor also did not make it around a second time. In fact, it seems that the rumors have backtracked again, since the Galaxy will in fact be receiving a plastic case, alleges GalaxyS5info, which specifically says that the Galaxy S5 will feature the same awesome leather look alike casing as the Note 3 has.

In any case, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We can all hope that the bulk of these rumors are true, but until Samsung actually announces that there is indeed a Galaxy S5 coming, we can’t really know anything.

Unless, of course, a Samsung employee with a name attached leaks something. That would certainly blow away all the nameless and faceless rumors we keep getting.

Do you think Sony or Samsung will get the camera contract? Let us know what you think in the comments below!  

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