Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy Note 4 – A Tough Fight!

October 21, 2013

Samsung has come up as a strong player in the smartphone market. It is clear from the fact that its own devices are competing with one another for domination over the market. Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are two such gadgets that are expected to rule the hearts of technology enthusiasts in the upcoming year.
The Galaxy S5 smartphone has become the talk of the rumors town, especially after the Design 3.0 meeting of the Korean company executives. The meeting was supposed to target some strong modifications in the internal and external features of the smartphone. 4GB RAM, 128 GB inbuilt memory and the Android 5.0 OS have been some of the most talked-about specifications of the phone since then. However, fingerprint scanners, infared sensors and YOUM Flexible displays have also been quite famous technologies that will be witnessed in S6.
On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is going to be a splendid phablet with some superior features the fans have never witnessed. Some of these include Android 6.0 Kit Kat OS, 6GB RAM and 128 GB Inbuilt memory. With the expected screen size of 6.2 inches, the fans are in for a special treat. Moreover, the latest buzz suggests that the Note 4 will have retina scanners for enhanced security. Whether it will give it an upper hand over Galaxy S6 is a question that still remains unanswered, but the late arrival of Galaxy Note 4 as compared to S6 will definitely give some time to the Samsung to innovate some more high-end features.
Simply said, comparing the two gadgets is not an easy task. With some very similar features and comparable specs (excluding screen size), it’s all a matter of one’s personal preferences. However, one thing that could be noticed is the price factor, which plays a significant role in the buying tendency of the fans. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be released at a price tag of $800, while the Galaxy Note 4 is said to release for a bigger price tag of $1099.
Which of the two devices do you plan to buy? Let us in the form of comments below.
Read and get a deeper insight into the features of Note 4 so as to facilitate your decision and make the right choice among Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy S6.

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