Samsung Pokes Fun at iPhone In ‘Screen Envy’ Video

July 28, 2014


Just one week after Samsung released its iPhone-mocking “Wall Huggers” video, the South Korean tech company has dealt another blow to Apple users in a new video titled “Screen Envy.” While Wall Huggers was designed to poke fun at the iPhone’s sub-par battery life, Screen Envy mocks the iPhone’s small screen.

How much of a difference in screen size is there between the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5? If you were to compare the two devices side by side, the difference would be night and day. The Apple iPhone 5S features a downright abysmal 4″ screen, whereas the Samsung Galaxy S5 boats an impressive 5.1″ screen. In other words, the Galaxy S5’s screen is over 20% larger! Apple is rumored to be working on a larger screen for its upcoming iPhone 6, but until then, the Galaxy S5 is the clear winner.

Screen size is clearly a major selling point in the smartphone industry, as consumers want the convenience of being able to perform full multimedia functions on their device. The only days of 3″ screens are long gone, with the future being 5-7″ screens (possibly larger). In any case, the Galaxy S5 hit the nail on the head with its brilliant 5.1″ screen.

The Galaxy S 5’s 5.1″ HD display is the screen your friends wish they had — and now they’re lining up to watch over your shoulder. Learn more about The Next Big Thing at,” wrote Samsung in the video description for Screen Envy.

Samsung’s new Screen Envy video features two guys sitting at a cafe, one of whom has an Apple iPhone 5 and other a Samsung Galaxy S5. The guy with the iPhone tells his friend that the iPhone might be getting a bigger screen, at which point his friend responds by saying “That hasn’t happened yet?” The video pauses soon after with the narrator asking viewers: “You know that thing you’ve been waiting on for like the last 2 years and how it’s supposed to be awesome and how it’s going to blow your mind? Well, it’s been here this whole time, but maybe you just like waiting.” The video ends with the Galaxy S5 guy walking away to take a call, and the phrase “The Next Big Thing Is Here” displayed.

All in all, nice work Samsung! I enjoy watching videos that poke fun at Apple fans.

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