Galaxy S5 Now Available For Pre-Order at Verizon Wireless

April 7, 2014

It’s official: the Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available for pre-order through Verizon Wireless! VW has been dragging their feet with the Galaxy S5, leaving some people to question whether they would even offer it at all. Well, on April 4th the U.S.-based cell carrier added it to their lineup and began accepting pre-orders.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is now available for pre-order through Verizon Wireless.


So, how much will the Samsung Galaxy S5 set you back at Verizon Wireless? They are actually offering some pretty good deals on this superb smartphone, including a $199 w/ year agreement (after a $50 mail-in rebate) or a $25.22 per month on a payment plant. Verizon Wireless is offering both the white and charcoal black models of the Galaxy S5.

The real kicker with Verizon Wireless’ deal  is their current BUY ONE GET ONE FREE. Yep, Verizon Wireless will give you a free Samsung Galaxy S5 just for purchasing one. Of course, you’ll have to sign up for a 2-year agreement on both devices, but that’s a small price to pay considering the fact that they are giving you a free Galaxy S5. (note: Verizon Wireless is offering the BOGO deal on the Galaxy S5, ATIV SE and HTC One M8).

You can also purchase the Samsung Galaxy S5 without a contract for $599 through Verizon Wireless. Most people probably don’t want to drop this much dough on a smartphone, but that’s really not a bad price for the Galaxy S5. With that said, I still recommend signing up for a contract to slash the price to something more affordable.

Be warned, if you pre-order the Galaxy S5 through Verizon Wireless it won’t ship until the device’s actual launch date (April 11th). But with the launch date fast approaching, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the coveted Galaxy S5. In the mean time, feel free to check out some of our previous articles and reports on the Samsung Galaxy S5 here at

Simply inspired, the Samsung Galaxy S® 5 makes every day better in ways big and small. HD movies and games roar to life. Make split-second moments yours with the fast, vibrant camera. Track your fitness levels right down to your heartbeat. Secure the phone with your fingerprint. Stay connected with fast Verizon 4G LTE.”

Are you going to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S5 through Verizon Wireless?

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