The Tough Fight of Samsung Galaxy S5 with Its Predecessor

February 18, 2011

The Tough Fight of Samsung Galaxy S5 with Its Predecessor

Samsung is no doubt one of one of the most stable electronics company existing these days. They have devices that range from TV, accessories, notebooks, computers, and smart phones. As a matter of fact, they have already outsized their products on smart phones, giving consumers a product that is perfectly based on their personal preferences.


Comparison to Predecessor


The Galaxy S4 series of the android phones are the type of products that have stirred the phone market. These series of phones were initially lined up with the i900 phone model, which eventually became the primary, core form in the entire series.

The features of Samsung galaxy s4 includes a 1.9 GHz processor, an android operating system that were initially created using the éclair Android 2.1 OS. This was later on upgraded with the Froyo Android 2.2. The recent batch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 series has collaborated with the Gingerbread Android 2.3 operating system which marked the recent chapter of the series.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 series also features AMOLED display, with a RAM of 8GB or 16GB and a 1200 mAh battery. Other attributes and features include design aspects like the case cover as well as the naming scheme. All the different versions of the Samsung S4 series have proven to be quite successful. As a matter of fact, it has even been ranked as phone of the year.


Samsung Galaxy S5 Overview


When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released, it caused a stir in the smart phone marketplace. Compared to its predecessor, it has a great improvement on the display, operating system, battery longevity, operating speed, security, as well as remote data exchange. Also, this time, Samsung has already focused on the making sure that the display was only 5 inches in order to prevent the phone from being viewed as a tablet. Other features were already enhanced in order to optimize functionality.

With Samsung Galaxy S5, users can still do the things that they love to do with their devices. For instance, they can still download and play cosmikcasino games, just like what they use to do with the older versions of the Samsung Galaxy gadget. Like its predecessor, this mobile gadget has been predicted to take the crowd by storm, and is predicted to become the phone of the year for 2014.


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