Advantages of Online Communication

April 13, 2011


Precisely because obtaining high quality Web design services has become more accessible and easier to execute (partly through the Web) this is a great age for public communication. We have all sorts of epic websites being architected and erected, like the wave of old European cathedrals.  The flip side of that state of affairs is that the bar for the design itself has risen. That is excellent for customers and Web users in general — since the overall quality of online public communication is higher — but competition is more intense for designers. Customers, too, face far too many options (both human and automated services).



Par Excellence Online



Technological convergence toward the Web and using apps, and mass social acceptance of the mobile-access paradigm, makes this a really good time for companies to connect and communicate with their brands' followers. If it is done right.


One cannot just storm into the online world with the same tactics as their old offline marketing program. Once a good strategy for the  online world is arrived at the design expression of it must also be brilliant, and most of all clear.


Online messages must be clear for a variety of audiences, who each use the Web in a different way. Websites must be integrated with social media pages, micro and normal blogs, video libraries and of course custom apps. In this framework, public messages can be very precise, targeted and effective (and measurable).



Knowing the Audience



No really great online campaign can neglect the preparatory stages of getting to know the niches in an audience and how best to serve them.


When the audience has been thoroughly researched, quite frankly the rest of the design stages will fall into place relatively easily — if guided by regard for the end user above all else, just as a house must protect its occupants.


End users are coming from a variety of backgrounds and mixtures of interests. Most of them are adept at getting what they want in the online space, owing to experience with social networking and gaming.


Online and mobile games in particular are a solid reference for building effective user interaction, since so many people enjoy them today and their ergonomics, if you will, have been refined into familiar controls.


For example, one enormously popular form of mobile gaming (that is raking in billions every year now) is demonstrating the importance of a coherent language of interaction to guide and encourage users — look at big new casinos 2015 will see launch for the proof of how any Web campaign can both know its audience and give it exactly what it wants.


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