Samsung Galaxy S5 – Heart Rate Monitor

February 4, 2011

Heart rate monitors are personal monitoring devices that measure heart rates in real time; these devices also record heart rates and enable later studies. People who suffer from heart diseases or athletes who work out regularly use medical heart rate monitors. But the amazing development of smartphones during recent years and the permanent addition of new functions to them have led to some impressive inventions. The Samsung Galaxy S5 encompasses a great deal of special functions and the built-in heart rate monitor is one of the most intriguing of them.


How To Use The Samsung Galaxy S5 Heart Rate Monitor


Using the heart rate monitor that was successfully built-in inside the device is not hard to do. All you need to do is place a finger over a part of the smartphone located to the back of the phone near the rear-facing camera and completely cover the lens, and wait for a few seconds. The heart rate monitor the fellows at Samsung have developed is capable of capturing your pulse and hence monitoring the speed of your heart. The Health app that Samsung has also developed will then receive this information.   


What Sort Of Software Does The Samsung S5 Heart Rate Monitor Use?


Samsung SGS5 will also encompass the same monitor that will measure your heart rate. The feature will also be embedded into the previously mentioned S Health app. Each caption of your heart rate will then be added to a special personalized graph will enable long-term heart rate monitoring. We are talking in terms of hours, days, or several months. However, you cannot let the app know exactly what you were doing at the time of the recording of your heart rate, and mistaken readings can hence occur. For the moment it is also impossible to share the heart rate monitoring data outside the S Health app. The capture of your heart rate is going to be clean and fast and you will be able to avoid all the hassle of manually grabbing your pulse every time you go jogging or you start your morning workout.


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