Samsung Calls iPhone Users “Wall Huggers”
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / July 8, 2014

In a rather comedic video published on YouTube (see below), Samsung is calling Apple iPhone users “wall huggers” — referring to the device’s poor battery life which often forces users to remain plugged into power outlets. Of course, this isn’t the first time Samsung has dealt a low blow to Apple (and it probably won’t be the last). In previous advertisements, Samsung has taken shots at the iPhone smaller screen size and lower resolution. The Galaxy S5 features a bold 5.1″ display, while the Apple iPhone is 20% smaller at just 4″. The truth is that both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple iPhone 5S get roughly 10-11 hours of talk time on a single charge. So, why is Samsung launching a “wall huggers” video campaign against its rival? The Galaxy S5 boats a unique battery saving feature that’s not found in the Apple iPhone. Using this feature can drastically extend the life of the Galaxy S5’s battery, far surpassing that of the iPhone 5S. Video: “Wall Huggers” Check out the video above, which was uploaded to YouTube by Samsung Mobile USA. It shows several different people whom are forced to keep their Apple iPhones connected to wall outlets in…

Samsung Galaxy S5 vs LG G3: Who Wins?
Comparison , GalaxyS5 , smart phones / June 3, 2014

Watch out Samsung, Life’s Good (LG) recently unveiled a new version of its flagship smartphone, the “G” series, which is causing some commotion in the mobile industry. The new LG G3 is a high-end smartphone that rivals leading mobile brands like HTC, Apple and the Google Nexus series. But how does it compare to the Samsung Galaxy S5? Display The Samsung Galaxy S5 is often touted as the best all-around display among any smartphone currently on the market. It’s 5.1 inches in diameter and boasts 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution. Surprisingly, however, the LG G3 has managed to trump the Galaxy S5’s display, as it features a 5.5-inch screen with quad-HD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. I’m a huge fan of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but I have to name the LG G3 as the winner for display. Processor Now let’s talk about what really matters in a smartphone: the processing power. Both the Samsung Galaxy S5 and LG G3 are powered by Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.5GHz. There were rumors that LG would use an upgraded version of the Qualcomm processor — the 805 — but they ultimately chose the safe route by using the 801. So,…

Samsung Announces Anti-Theft Tools For The Galaxy S5
GalaxyS5 / May 5, 2014

Cellphone theft is a growing problem here in the U.S., with an estimated 113 devices being stolen every minute! From the east coast to west, cellphones are being lifted at an alarming rate. In an effort to curb these numbers in the opposite direction, Samsung recently announced plans to add two anti-theft tools to the Galaxy S5. “Find My Mobile” and “Reactivation Lock” For The Galaxy S5 According to a statement made by Samsung officials, the Galaxy S5 will receive “Find My Mobile” and “Reactivation Lock” at no additional cost. If a customers Galaxy S5 is stolen, and the thief attempts to reset the device back to factory settings, the cell carrier can lock it using these two apps; thus, preventing any attempt to reset, activate, or otherwise modify its software. But there’s a catch to the upcoming Galaxy S5 anti-theft tools: they will only work with Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular devices. If you’re on T-Mobile, AT&T or any other network, you’ll have to look elsewhere for added security measures. Samsung may add the anti-theft tools to other networks in the future, but as of yet it appears the tools will be restricted to Verizon Wireless and U.S. Cellular….

Galaxy S5 Vs Galaxy S6 – Still too early to decide?
News , smart phones / October 21, 2013

For lovers of the Samsung galaxy, there is great confusion between which phones to purchase. Will it be S5 which is due to be in the market some time next year or the Samsung galaxy S6, which is set to be launched in 2015? Of course this seems far compared to the launch of the galaxy S5. But come to think of it, it’s just a year’s difference. Is it logical to buy the S5, then after a year go for the new S6? Samsung galaxy S6 will be more advanced than S5. Still, you can’t ignore the fact that S5 will come with cool features. This is what makes S5 cool on its own: ➢ A faster processor with a higher processing power. It will be in 64 bit. This will give you the ability to multitask and perform different tasks at the same time, comfortably. ➢ The camera comes with higher megapixel of 20.7. It will contain a back-side illumination, have low-light sensitivity, a video resolution of 4K, and you will be able to record in slow motion. ➢ The design is wonderful. Coming up with a slim is a very big challenge. But S5 will achieve this….

Anticipated pricing for the Samsung Galaxy s5
GalaxyS5 , News , Price , smart phones / September 23, 2013

With all the amazing features that may be available on Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5 cell phone, it is anticipated that the retail Galaxy S5 price will be no less than $700. Given the pricing on the previous models, and the changes that will be implemented into the new device, The S5 will most definitely carry a high bill. The high bill may disappoint some enthusiasts. However, postpaid carriers will offer a fair discount on it, and some prepaid carriers may offer the consumers a financing option. The Samsung Galaxy S5 has an anticipated launch date of May of 2015. Tech savvy consumers will be delighted by the bells and whistles that the manufacturers will add to this device. First, the Samsung Galaxy S5 may have two versions. The manufacturer may offer one version with the Android operating system Kitkat or Key Lime Pie, and another version with the Tizen operating system. This will give consumers the option to choose what they prefer. The CEO of Samsung would like to implement the Tizen operating system into the phone, but many consumers still enjoy working with their favorite Android software. Therefore, the company may offer the two variants of its most prominent…

What to expect from the Galaxy s5
Comparison , GalaxyS5 , smart phones / September 16, 2013

While the world is still buzzing over Apple’s recent conference announcing not one but two iPhones, Android lovers won’t have long until the creme-de-le-creme of their world is released. In a few short months, Samsung will present the world with the next offering in the popular Galaxy line of smartphones. The Galaxy S5 will provide features and hardware the make it on par with anything Apple has to offer. Just like the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 will boost 64-bit processor, which is computers use these days. Not only will this result in snappier performance overall, but when develoeprs take advantage of the improved processor, new games could be console-quality on a smartphone. Multitasking will also run as smoothly as ever on this new smartphone. The processor is rumored to be the Exynos 5 Octa CPU. Yes, that’s “octa” for eight cores! The Galaxy S4 already has this processor, but it wasn’t 64-bit. That also means that Google must release a compatible version of its operating system. The sky is really the limit when it comes to what a 64-bit version of Android will be able to do. Of course, these phones must have enough memory to allow the processor…