What to expect from the Galaxy s5

September 16, 2013

While the world is still buzzing over Apple’s recent conference announcing not one but two iPhones, Android lovers won’t have long until the creme-de-le-creme of their world is released. In a few short months, Samsung will present the world with the next offering in the popular Galaxy line of smartphones. The Galaxy S5 will provide features and hardware the make it on par with anything Apple has to offer.

Just like the iPhone 5S, the Galaxy S5 will boost 64-bit processor, which is computers use these days. Not only will this result in snappier performance overall, but when develoeprs take advantage of the improved processor, new games could be console-quality on a smartphone. Multitasking will also run as smoothly as ever on this new smartphone. The processor is rumored to be the Exynos 5 Octa CPU. Yes, that’s “octa” for eight cores! The Galaxy S4 already has this processor, but it wasn’t 64-bit.

That also means that Google must release a compatible version of its operating system. The sky is really the limit when it comes to what a 64-bit version of Android will be able to do. Of course, these phones must have enough memory to allow the processor to run smoothly. Samsung hasn’t slacked with the S II or S4, and the company’s most recent statement indicates 4 megabytes of RAM. The fact that the S5 will use PC-like DD3 memory only narrows the divide between mobile and desktop technology.

Of course, Samsung will also improve the camera on this device. Consumers can expect better optical zoom for clearer photos even when zooming. Samsung has been working on a 16 MP camera since early September. The Galaxy S4 features a 13 MP camera, and while this might not seem like much of an increase in hardware, but the manufacturer is also working on image-stabilization technology in a slimmer version than was available with the Galaxy S4 Zoom, which was pretty bulky. This new camera lens will be compatible with sleek phones. however.

Samsung hasn’t yet shown a physical mockup of the phone, so it’s unknown what the casing has been like. However, if the manufacturer wants to compete directly with Apple, moving to a unibody metal design would be appropriate. Some sources wonder whether Samsung will go with a faux-leather back cover like it did with the Galaxy Note 2. This would likely mean no removable battery; although, whether or not the Galaxy S5 will use an SD card is up in the air. Currently, some Android phones still rely on external storage even though they don’t have a removable battery.

Like previous years, Samsung will update its software to provide new features, but there’s no word on that yet. Consumers can expect to see the Galaxy S5 released next March or April if the company follows tradition. Samsung sold 20 million S4 handsets in 60 days last year, and it’s sure bet that the company is hoping to achieve the same success with this upcoming flagship phone.

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