Confirmed: Samsung Galaxy S5 To Feature Fingerprint Scanner
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / February 18, 2014

Less than a month ago, we talked about how Samsung would likely drop the rumored iris scanning technology from their upcoming Galaxy S5 and choose a more traditional approach with a fingerprint scanner. While this was pure speculation at the time, it looks like there’s solid evidence confirming that the Galaxy S5 will in fact feature a fingerprint scanner. SamMobile
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Will Galaxy S5 Fans be Disappointed? Doubtful…
GalaxyS5 , News , Price , smart phones / October 4, 2013

Some new rumors have cropped up this week about the Galaxy S5 by Samsung including one about a new release date, another regarding potential display type and a third rumor about its overall feature set. Yet another rumor states that anticipated buyers are going to be very, very disappointed with what Samsung actually releases. So let’s get down to business
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New Galaxy S5 Rumor: Fingerprint Sensor Delayed
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / September 27, 2013

Rumored Galaxy S5 Sensor Not Stable Enough Oh boy, you wouldn’t believe the rumors circulating today about the up and coming Galaxy S5 smartphone by Samsung due out soon… With the seemingly never-ending flow of speculation and rumors about the device, it’s no wonder no one really knows what is going on. No Fingerprint Sensor Security Features Today’s rumors concern
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