New Galaxy S5 Rumor: Dustproof & Waterproof

October 8, 2013

To date, the S5 has seen some pretty intensive and interesting rumors coming from the mill, and it seems that not a single day goes by that another rumor doesn’t surface about the Galaxy S5 smartphone. Well, the last two days have been no different.

Another rumor for another day has surfaced, and though it’s sometimes extremely difficult to determine which rumors could be real, and which  are just blowing smoke up – you get the point – we’ll tell you about them anyway, because we wouldn’t want to get caught off guard. And we certainly don’t want to miss anything. So,. with that in mind, let’s get to the newest of rumors that have left the mill of late.

Dust and Water Proof?

A few different media outlets – specifically Trusted Review – are claiming that the newest Galaxy S5 will be dustproof and waterproof. While it is feasible that the Galaxy, which we think is due to be released sometime in April of 2014 –hopefully it’ll be much sooner than that – surely could wind up being dustproof, but the waterproof rumor is a different thing altogether. Making something waterproof requires an entirely different type of technology that would make the Smartphone a bit out of reach for some buyers in terms of added cost.

We think that instead of being waterproof, it will more likely have water resistant properties if anything. Samsung added the water resistant feature to the Samsung Galaxy 4 Active smarpthone, so we know that, at least, is possible.

That’s one more awesome feature to add to the rumored tech specs list – but that’s not all.

Another Release Companion?

We heard yet another rumor about the Galaxy S5, and this one says that Samsung is releasing a Google Glass competitor around the same time that the Galaxy s5 is speculated to arrive. Though details are hard to find about this gadget, we can speculate that the name is a code, and it is likely that Samsung will change its name before its release so it doesn’t make Google upset or leave the door open for a patent suit.

In any case, we don’t know anything for sure, but we’re pretty amped up about the specs that have been rumored to date.  Until Samsung makes the official announcement, we’ll continue writing about each and every rumor we hear about the Galaxy S5 – it’ll be nice to finally see it and see how many rumors and guesses we got right when it does finally make I to market, don’t you think?

What do you think about the latest information on the Galaxy S5? Let us now in the comments!

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