Manage Your Galaxy S5’s Passwords With LastPass

May 8, 2014


Regardless of how good your memory is, it’s nearly impossible to remember the passwords to each and every online account. From social media to email, forums, discussion boards and more, it’s not uncommon for a typical Internet user to have dozens of different passwords. So, how are you supposed to keep track of all these passwords?

LastPass is one of the world’s leading password management tools. It’s been around since 2008, offering PC and Mac users a convenient way to safely store their various account passwords. But now this powerful password management software is available for Android-based smartphones and tablet computers, including the Samsung Galaxy S5. For an example look at Silverlock [Download].

What Is LastPass?

LastPass allows you to save passwords and field data into an encrypted file; thus, protecting it from prying eyes. And once it’s saved to your computer — or Android smartphone — you can log into your online accounts with the click of a button.

“LastPass is helping the world remember their passwords and better manage their online life. It’s a browser-based password manager and form filler that works with all platforms and smart phones. LastPass makes browsing the web easier and more secure. Get started today – it’s FREE!”

The company offers both a free and paid version of its software for desktop users. However, LastPass is only available as premium ($1/month) for Android devices.

LastPass on The Galaxy S5

So, how does LastPass work on the Samsung Galaxy S5? It actually takes advantage of the Galaxy S5’s built-in fingerprint scanner, allowing users to unlock accounts and fill forms by pressing their finger on the device. Once LastPass is installed on your Galaxy S5, you’ll need to set up the fingerprint authentication using the step-by-step instructions displayed in the app. After this is complete, you simply swipe your finger across the screen to unlock any accounts saved in the app.

If you’re interesting in trying out LastPass for your Galaxy S5, head over to Google Play to download it. As previously stated, only the premium version is available for Android devices, so you’ll have to pull out the charge card for this app.

In case you were wondering, LastPass is not available for use with iOS devices.

Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t have an equivalent that allows us to hook into the OS and securely deliver users their data. We’re still looking into it and hope that further updates to iOS may allow us to implement something similar,” wrote a LastPass spokesperson to Mashable.

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