Samsung Galaxy S5 Could Launch Mid-March In London
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / January 24, 2014

Hold on and prepare for launch, because a new source suggests Samsung will release their flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S5, in London, England around mid-March. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, a company spokesperson stated that it was “highly likely” the Galaxy S5 would be released in Q1 of this year. Ever since then, industry analysts have been working around the clock to try and pinpoint a more precise date. This time, we have a report that Samsung will release the device around mid-March in London, England. It’s important to note that there’s still no official word on an exact date. We’re left to speculate on rumors leaked by insiders close to the South Korean tech company. With that said, this latest rumor comes from a reliable source that’s known to provide accurate information on upcoming smartphones and tech products. Will The Galaxy S5 See a Mid-May London Launch? Quite possibly, yes. Earlier this month, Italian journalist Flavio tweeted the following: “Samsung to hold its next Global launch (S5?) event in London in a mid March date, a reliable source confirmed me.” This is huge news as bloggers and tech analysts across the world are trying to…

Rumor: Will Galaxy S5 Get a Wraparound Display?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / November 17, 2013

Galaxy S5 Might Get Wraparound & 2014 Release Date Today we have two rumors that are once again circling the mills. Today’s latest rumors come to us courtesy of Bloomberg via the International Business Times, and notes that in an effort to beat Apple to the punch, Samsung is going to be releasing a Galaxy S5 with an amazing wraparound display. While the device wasn’t mentioned by name, speculation has it that it could be the Galaxy S5 that gets it since Samsung already has the technology, but the comapny put off adding it to the Galaxy S4 and Note III. That article also confirmed something we’ve been saying for a while – the Galaxy S5 will be released in early 2014. Galaxy S5 Release Date Rumor Fortunately, for us, that means that these most recent Galaxy S5 rumors tend to reiterate what we have said previously. Samsung will apparently be releasing the Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone sometime in early 2014, just as we said might happen. This news still points to the Galaxy S5’s release coming to either the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show or the 2014 Mobile World Congress conferences, both of which are held in January each year….

Galaxy S5 Slated for CES 2014 Rrelease?
GalaxyS5 , News , smart phones / October 12, 2013

A Korean tech publication appears to have the latest scoop concerning the Samsung Galaxy S5, and we’ve seen just about every single tech publication on the web follow suit with its own “confirmation” of that rumor. In fact, a Mashable report states that in an, “effort to kick start slowing sales of its current model,” the Galaxy S5 is being released much sooner than anyone anticipated that it would. CES Release Coming? According to the report, Korean tech news and review website Naver was started and is still powered by ex-Samsung employees, all of whom have said they believe that Samsung will show off the new Galaxy S5 at the upcoming annual Consumer Electronics Show, which is being held in in Las Vegas January of 2014. This release date is at least 3 to 4 months earlier than anyone expected it to be, as the original release date rumors pegged the device for April 2014. There’s only one problem with If the Naver report is in fact true, then there’s only one problem with it. Apparently, Naver thinks that the galaxy S5 will feature specifications that are a bit different than anyone else predicted. While we know that nothing is…