Logitech Launches New Ultra-Rugged Galaxy S5 Case
GalaxyS5 , hardware , News , smart phones / October 7, 2014

Still searching for a durable yet stylish case for your Galaxy S5? Logitech launched a new Logitech Protection [+] (Plus) case earlier this month. While there are dozens if not hundreds of Galaxy S5 cases available on the market, the Protection [+] takes a bold step in a different direction. It offers a unique combination of style, comfort, durability and
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The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active: Is It Worth It?
GalaxyS5 , smart phones / June 24, 2014

Samsung’s rugged outdoor variant of its flagship smartphone is now available for sale. The Galaxy S5 Active offers all of the same features as the original Galaxy S5 while introducing several new ones in the process. So, how does in fare in comparison to the original Galaxy S5? Under the hard rugged body, the Galaxy S5 Active is strikingly  similar to
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