Samsung Galaxy Alpha Equipped With Gorilla Glass 4

December 17, 2014

gorilla-01Corning Gorilla Glass has become the de-facto standard for smartphone display protection. Developed by Corning, Inc., it features an alkali-aluminosilicate sheet of toughened glass that’s able to withstand heavy use from smartphone users. While most people are familiar with Corning Gorilla Class 3 (the third generation), there’s actually a new fourth generation already available.

So, which device boasts the latest generation of Gorilla Glass? Is it the phablet-sized Google Nexus 6? Or perhaps the new Apple iPhone 6 Plus? No, it’s neither of these, but rather the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which was launched earlier this year back in August.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha hols the title as being the first smartphone to feature Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which is a pretty impressive feat to say the least. According to Corning, Inc., the fourth generation Gorilla Glass is 0.4mm thick. Most serious smartphone enthusiast probably already know that 0.4mm thickness is the same as the Gorilla Glass 3. Don’t let this fool you into thinking the Corning, Inc. cut corners with its latest display protection, however. Reports indicate that Gorilla Glass 4 is twice as strong as its predecessor.

The Myth Busters actually performed some tests on Gorilla Glass to determine whether or not it was breakable (spoiler alter: it is). They concluded that sharp contact was responsible for nearly 70% of all breakages. However, the Myth Busters also found Gorilla Glass 4 to withstand 80% of the tests performed, attesting to the power of the fourth generation.

Corning spends a great deal of time collaborating with Samsung to recommend solutions that will continually improve their device design and performance,” said Cliff Hund, general manager and president, Corning East Asia. “Device makers want to go thinner without sacrificing damage resistance. Samsung is not only meeting these requirements, but is on the cutting edge of smartphone design. The Galaxy ALPHA is the culmination of our close collaboration with Samsung.”

Samsung reportedly worked closely with Corning, Inc. to implement Gorilla Glass 4 in the Galaxy Alpha. Measuring just 6.7mm thick, it’s Samsung’s thinnest smartphone yet. Of course, the real beauty of the Galaxy Alpha is its use of Gorilla Glass 4, which offers an even greater level of protection against scratches, cracks, dings, drops and other forms of damage.

The Galaxy Alpha may hold the title as being the first smartphone to feature Gorilla Glass 4, but it’s safe to say it won’t be the last. As we enter 2015, we’re certain to see more devices using this cutting-edge display protection.

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