2 Fabulously Futuristic Galaxy S5 Concept Designs

September 23, 2013

By Galaxy S5 Info & Mobile Leaks

Fans and experts have speculated about many of the still rumored Galaxy S5 features, and throughout every rumor, leak, and speculation article published, the information contained within leaves everyone wondering something. 

What the gadget will look like when Samsung actually releases it?

Probably one of the most asked and as yet unanswered questions to date. Well, instead of waiting for an answer, two gadget experts have taken the quesiton into their own hands to create two fabulously futuristic Galaxy S5 concept designs we’ve seen yet. The concepts are even pretty close to what we’d consider to be realistic.

Fabulous & Futuristic

There’s no doubt about it that each Galaxy S5 concept is sleek in its own right, but the one conceived of by Rahul Sharma is one of the sleekest, says Galaxy5Info.com. Looking at the photos on their website, Galaxy5Info.com is absolutely right.

Galaxy S5 Concept

Galaxy S5 Concept Design by Galaxy5Info.com

Probably the best part of this concept design is the display. At a huge 5.3-inches, the display will completely wrap over the front of the phone, bend if you will, over the rounded off edges, leaving no bezel.  Yes, the concept is a bendy screen, and would indeed make one truly awesome feature – no more shattering of displays. 

As for the power behind the beauty, this Galaxy S5 concept features an Exynos 5 8-core CPU – a 2.0 GHz at that – and 3GB RAM. Not only is the concept powerful, it is beautiful. Even more so than previous device concepts we’ve seen. In fact, the eye popping, jaw dropping eye candy of a concept not only has a slick body, but it lacks physical buttons, and they completely redesigned the Home screen buttons.

Another “feature” of note is the profile-switching button that would allow users to switch back and forth between power profiles – maximum power usage and Power Save. This will allow the user to create different profiles, maybe one consisting of CPU intensive tasks, and the other not.

Fabulous Folding Technique

Another Galaxy S5 concept design released that we like is offered up by MobileLeaks, and is described by GottabeMobile as:

“what it could look like at some point in the future when technology catches up.”

Galaxy S5 Concept

Galaxy S5 Concept Design by MobileLeaks

The design does indeed look like something from an amazing future of smarpthones. This design features the larger display size as the one mentioned above does, but the difference here is that this one doesn’t bend over the sides of the device. It stops just at the edge to produce the smallest bezel area I think anyone has seen.

A high-end concept, this version of it is thin as a wafer, thinner than any other on the real market is. Other higher-end features from this concept include dual speakers, display strip/music player, and a complete button redesign in which the Home button was moved to the top, though the rest of the buttons stayed in the usual spot. 

Probably the coolest feature of this concept is that you can fold it in half, like you would fold a menu.  However, there are no hinges, and it’s not clear how it would fold without messing up the middle of the display – lucky it’s only a concept, yeah?

In any case, it’s nice to be able to take a break from the usual speculation, and these two concept devices are some of the best we’ve seen in a while for any rumored smartphone release, not just the Galaxy S5. Soon, though, some of these concepts may become a reality – like in March of 2014  maybe?

What does your Galaxy S5 concept look like? Let us know in the comments!

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