The internet remakes tradition

February 9, 2012



Our obsession with being connected has changed the way we do things. Being connected of course comes in many forms. But PC and smartphone users connect to communicate and to obtain and transmit all sorts of information via the internet. For smartphone – particularly Galaxy s5 – users the evolution of connection is constant. We learn about it through, the website that keeps people up on the technological innovations related to our favorite mobile device.



The internet effect

But connection through the internet has meant huge change in our everyday activity. From the most menial things, such as getting weather reports and sports scores, to the most serious things, like investing or buying a home, we more and more rely on the internet. Even things like playing the lottery have converted. Lotteries have been around for centuries and in many different forms. But playing the lottery, like so many other things, has been updated with online access. It’s no longer just a matter of picking up a couple of tickets at the corner store. Now millions of people regularly play online

The popularity of smartphones has boosted the online lottery phenomenon exponentially. And with the explosion has come hundreds of services for online lottery players. It’s not hard to find a website with lists of lotteries worldwide and quick links that make them simple to play. Lottery players can get all sorts of information on rules and tips for almost any lottery, as well as instant results.


Since states and countries that sponsor lotteries are very territorial and possessive about who can qualify for their games, there are restrictive barriers for players; some places don’t allow people to play outside of their jurisdiction. But regardless of these restrictions, the change that online connection has made in something as traditional at the lottery, reflects the change that online access has brought to our world.

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