51+ Killer Features in Samsung Galaxy S5


If you think, you have already experienced the very best of latest technologies in your smartphones, you need to think again. Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming to break all your myths as it will be packed with some superb features we have never ever witnessed. Yes, the so-called “Best Smartphone 2014” will have some killer specs to leave you astonished. 

So, we have complied a list of 51+ killer features in Samsung Galaxy S5 for our readers. Read, comment and share the list, if you love it.

51+ Killer Features in Samsung Galaxy S51. YOUM Organic Display will make your smartphone flexible.

2. The FM Radio is an added advantage this time for music lovers.

3. You no longer need hefty thermometers, as your smartphone will do the job, thanks to the Infrared Sensors.

4. The Display will have 4k resolution, which will be a certain treat for your eyes.

5. Don’t forget the 16 Megapixel Main Camera.

6. The inbuilt antenna in Galaxy S5 means that you don’t need to carry your earphones everywhere.

7. Fingerprint sensors is what every one loves. They will enhance the security of your phone.

8. The most wonderful 32 touch point sense display will find its way in Galaxy SV by Samsung.

9. If you want to click your own images, the 5MP front shooter is for you.

10. KNOX technology will further add to a secure user experience.

11. The Waterproof display (upto 10 meters) is a great peace of technology to feature in Samsung S5.

12. Shatterproof screen will add a glamorous appeal to it as well.

13. The 4GB huge RAM is what the smartphone will offer.

14. Inbuilt Memory = 128 GB. Amazing, isn’t it?

15. The most-awaited Key Lime Pie Android Version 5.0 is here to stay.

16. Who can forget the exclusive Carbon Fibre body?

17. Dual shoot, night mode and still photography features in the camera (plus many more).

18. Full eye gazing control.

19. The least amount of radiations will be emitted by Samsung’s Galaxy S5 phone!

20. The 16k processor will add blazing speed to your smartphone use.

21. Better browsing experience and better compatibility with browsers like Mozilla and Firefox.

22. Complementary Health Apps to keep you fit.

23. A bargain price of $200 with contract deals.

24. The availability of smartphone will be offered with most major careers like T Mobile & Verizon.

25. Samsung S5 will release in a major launch event scheduled in April first week, 2014.

26. Apps like Cardio Care and CPR to help measure your heart beats and Blood pressure.

27. Galaxy S5 will have a 4000 mAh battery, which will seldom drain out even after days of use.

28. The dashing 5.2 inches display!

29. Design 3.0 will help improve the smartphone internally and externally.

30. The smartphone will be available in more colors like gray, along with the traditional white and black.

31. The dustproof body will make sure the phone remains clear and smooth all the time.

32. If you think 128 GB inbuilt is insufficient, the Samsung Galaxy S5 phone offers additional micro SD Card slot.

33. Further, there will be dual SD Card slot.

34. Dual Battery concept is in news too.

35. “Liquid cooling technology” will keep your phone cooler after hours of hard-work.

36. 3D Camera is in for avid photography enthusiasts.

37. No overheating issues will be experienced in your upcoming Android phone – Galaxy SV.

38. Float Touch technology will feature in this ultimate S5 device.

39. Buyers will get free accessories in the Galaxy S5 box, for instance S View cover and smartphone pouch.

40. Excellent graphic capabilities to make it better than PS3 and Xbox.

41. Amoled UHD display technology will make it a smartphone with excellent display.

42. The special Exynos 5420 chipset by Samsung is already in production according to some sources.

43. The 3GHz ARM processor will give you a superb experience, when you use the Samsung S5 smartphone.

44.  New limits of Wireless charging will give you an enhanced comfort.

45. Preorders for Samsung Galaxy S5 will start sooner than its predecessor.

46. The sleek design in the phone will give it an upper edge over iPhone 6.

47. Latest news tells that Samsung will use special hologram in the upcoming 2014 device.

48. The phone will release all over the globe in over 120 countries altogether.

49. S-Pen will be added in the Phone’s accessories to make the user more convenient.

50. The net cost of device will be 720 USD in most major countries.

51. Samsung Galaxy S5 will be the “Best Smartphone 2014” overall.

So, which of the 51 killer features do you love the most???

16 Responses to 51+ Killer Features in Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. Pule Matlho says:

    I love everythng about ths smart phone! The camera, and the memory of 128 gig is to die for in a phone! Its going to be the fastest smartphone I have ever used! Actually, I cant wait for it! 2014 seems so far for me, I wish I had it already! I will be 1 of the 1st South Africans to own ths marvel!

  2. Gaurav says:

    That’s awesome Pule, we all are waiting for this marvelous creation of technology.

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  5. Jose says:

    I think it’s time I made the switch. Been with Apple since the beginning but they no longer wow me, actually lackluster for quite some time. But this Galaxy sV has me excited. So it’s about that time!!!

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  7. Aaaa says:

    WOW, Can i connect the external antenna on it? Like than earlier galaxy versions. These have w1 -cover in the backcover.

  8. cole don says:

    That to goods to be true

  9. Vilas Pathak says:

    Only One Word-EXCELLENT

  10. Renton Ross says:

    looking forward to holding the marvel.
    Though still no mention of dual sim card slot if you want to choose between telcos at anytime.

  11. Wayne Callcott says:

    No mention of a projector for projecting images or video onto a wall ???

  12. tomass says:

    niektore veci su tam dobre blosti pochybujem o tom zeby sgs5 by mal mat 3D fotak a tiez si nemyslim ze bude mat dual sd karty … no sak uvidime necham sa prekvapit cim ma prekvapi samsung

  13. Susana L. says:

    I can’t wait for my Sprint contract to be able to be renewed in Oct 2014!!!!!! I’ve been stuck with a miserable phone!!!! It’s the Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE and it’s the worst phone I’ve EVER had!!!!!! It keeps turning itself off and back on probably 5 to 10 times a day!!!!!!!! Uuugggghhhh!!!!!! And it is also CONSTANTLY freezing up!!!!!!! And the ONLY way I can get it to work is by turning it off and back on or taking out the battery and putting it back in and turning it back on!!!!!! And I’ve already had this phone replaced by another new Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE and it has had the same exact problems!!!!!! Oct can’t come soon enough!!!! Father Time pls hurry!!!

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