When is the Samsung Galaxy S5 coming?

The Internet is abuzz with excitement regarding the Samsung galaxy S5 smartphone. It is going to be upon us sooner than we would all imagine. So first off, the Galaxy S4 has only just been released really, so we cannot expect the Samsung S5 model to be released next month, but it is getting released in April 2014. Not really that far away, but still plenty of time to start saving for this flagship device.

This has been confirmed by an employee at Samsung, but even if it had not, we could have predicted the galaxy s5 release date anyway, as the previous models all show a level of consistency with previous release dates. You would be amazed at how many searches are conducted each month for the search term “Galaxy SV release date” even though it is a year away. Here is my theory as to why this is so.

When is the Samsung Galaxy S5 coming?

The internet has shown a huge buzz for the new model, and is the most anticipated device ever, with predictions of 10 million sales in the first 15 days. These predictions are astonishing, and show just how much anticipation has been created with the new Galaxy S5. Now the amazing features are of course something that is creating this buzz, but in my opinion, the biggest thing is the flexible display that is causing the thunders.

The thing about flexible display is it is unique, as it’s the first phone to have it, making people more likely to want to have it, so they can stand out from the crowds. Originality is a big thing now, and this unique selling point will definitely make it worth the wait for this new device. April 2014 is the date to set in your calendar and you can expect more information regarding the Samsung Galaxy s5 on this site, so make sure you bookmark it and keep coming back daily!

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  1. bala says:

    send me the new release date

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