Samsung S5 Prices – Best Buy Online

Mesmerized by the features and specs of Samsung Galaxy S5, you must be thinking to buy the excellent smartphone by now. However, one question or doubt you have in mind is regarding the price of the device. This article is specially dedicated to eradicate all such doubts from your mind, so you are ready to buy the smartphone as soon as it is out in the market.

Galaxy S5 is no doubt a cool smartphone, with the most excellent features. There are some specifications, which you will not even see in the upcoming iPhone. However, price is a big factor. Without beating around the bush, we would like to tell you that the most hyped Samsung S5 price is going to be $750. Yes, you heard it right, it is 750 USD. Sounds expensive? Well, don’t worry. This price is for countries where the device is not available on contract like India. However, if you like in USA, or UK, there is a good news for you.

Samsung S5 Prices - Best Buy Onlines

The ultimate smartphone Galaxy S5 by Samsung will be available under 200 USD for you, if you go with contract deals from shops like Vodafone, Sprint, T mobile etc. This means that you will get good network carrier for the specified period, say one year and will be able to enjoy the best device available in the market. 

So, what are you thinking? You should look out for the Preorder details of the smartphone as soon as they are out. And you don’t need to go any far. This very blog on Galaxy S5 will offer all the details about the smartphone’s preorder, prices, reviews, deals and contracts. Keep Subscribed to us through the right sidebar. Know more about the smartphone’s deals and contracts here. Thanks for your visit.

47 Responses to Samsung S5 Prices – Best Buy Online

  1. Valon says:

    I will buy with price without contract, but I must wait about 5 month from release date, because of the cost approach.

  2. Bruna says:

    Do you know when it’ll be released? I’ll go to EUA next month and I’ll buy a cellphone. I was thinking on S4 but now I want this one!!!

  3. Bruna says:

    Opsssss… EUA = USA…

  4. sujit says:

    what about backside battery heating n wifi disconnect automatically its same like s4

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi Sujit, the overheating problems will longer exist in upcoming Galaxy S5, and there will be better Internet connectivity and browsing features. So, you can rest assured of a really good smartphone in your hands. Thanks

  5. navi says:

    great information..
    i will be waiting for galaxy 5S launching..

  6. raashi says:

    i want to know the features and price of sam s5 in rupees and exact date the smartphone will launch

  7. vj says:

    I was planning on buying the S4 but 4.2.2 leaked makes the S3 feel like a new phone, and so I’ll wait for the S5. It’d be great if they put the FM transmitter so I could listen to it in my car without aditional equipment, but I guess that ain’t happening. Even without that it’s gonna be awesome – playing with the projector and 3D is gonna be fun!

  8. Stacy L. Smith says:

    I have the Galaxy S3 and I love the phone, I also bought my Mom and Brother one as well. I am looking forward to the S5 and can’t wait until it comes out. The S3 was my first Samsung phone and I was very impressed with what the phone can do, I’m quite sure the S5 will be even better.

    • Gaurav says:

      Yeah Stacy. S5 is going to be miles ahead of any other smartphone in the market in all aspects. The decision of buying it will be indeed a good one.

  9. anil paul says:

    hi readers / commenting ones,
    i’ve been using LG E730 optimus since march-2012
    but i’m planning to buy other new 1.
    so, i’m comparing samsung s5. i shall wait & buy it.
    thanks dears

  10. Cathy says:

    i am from the philipphines and is debating on whether to but an s4 or s5., and have decided to go with s5., would you know when release date here in the phil would be? and would you know the cost of it

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi Cathy, the phone will release in 2nd week of April 2014 in Phil. You have made the right decision of buying S5, it will cost you around 720 US Dollars. Thanks

  11. Andrea says:

    Hello gaurav :) do you know when s5 is released in indonesia? And how much do you think it’ll cost?

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi Andrea,

      Indonesia will be one of the first countries where the phone will be released, which means you will have it in first week of April 2014, the price tag would be 720 USD (without contract) and around 200 USD (With contract).

  12. Shanthi says:

    Hello, I am from Thailand. Decided to buy S5. Can you tell me when it will be released here and what would be the cost. Thanks

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Shanti. Thanks for putting your query here. S5 is coming in Thailand in second week of April for $ 750 (without contract) and $220 (with contract). The prices may slightly vary, thanks

  13. mayank says:

    hey what do u mean by contract? plz explain in dtail. can i buy s5 with contract in india?

  14. karakaya nizam says:

    dear sir

    can i buy online but aim from Netherlands what is the price incl.transport

    best and regards
    Nizam Karakaya

    • Gaurav says:

      Hello Nizam, Yes, you can buy online from Netherlands, the approximate price will be 710 USD including shipping charges, although the release is in April, 2014 so you will have to my wait my friend, thanks.

  15. M. Shahid Kamal says:

    Hi Gaurav..
    Me from Pakistan want to buy s5, wen s5 will be released and wt will be the price…?
    Could u explain the teminology of contract and without contract…? Wt its mean..?

    • Gaurav says:


      The S5 will be released in first week of April month, 2014 for around $700 in Pakistan.
      Contract deals are not available in Pakistan, so only one option is left – buying without contract.
      Actually, we can buy any smartphone at lower price (much lower) if we go for contract with any specific network carrier, but I think it will a few more years before this facility comes to some asian countries like Pakistan, Nepal etc.


  16. ruby says:

    hey,gaurav I m ruby frm banglore jus wana knw when is s5 gonna realise in banglore nd wht wil be the price..??
    and how is battery back upp gonna be…?? thank yu wil wait for ur reply :-)

  17. anand ak says:

    750$ is nothing in india..
    at present am using a sg sIV.. if sV is gonna hav oraganic led display n a 16 core processor am gonna take it for sure.. but i wud never sell ma s4 coz its just too amazing…

    • Gaurav says:

      That’s great Anand. S4 is no doubt a brilliant smartphone and if you go for S5, you will love it like anything as it is further enhanced in features, and everything else.

  18. Matt says:

    Don’t have a phone at the moment need one badly but don’t wanna get the s4 and be unhappy when the s5 releases

  19. lauren says:

    When can you expect that mobile in europe?

  20. james says:


    when the phone would be released in Belgium?
    and what will the price be?

  21. zugwai katung says:

    How much will it cost in Nigeria????

  22. man-a-boss-up-in-here@yolo says:

    blood. how much will it be in the uk?

  23. Jen says:

    Do you know what colors the S5 will be available in? I have Sprint as my carrier in the US… and is the release date expected to be March or April of 2014?

    Thanks a lot!

  24. maria olga says:

    tava pensando em comprar o s4 ,mais agora quero esperar pelo s5..
    tem noção de quando ela ira sair no brasil ?

  25. saikrishna says:

    i wanna buy s5 what is present in indonesia please tell me

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