Samsung Galaxy S5 titled the Best Smartphone 2014

The world has yet not gotten over the massive hangover of Samsung Galaxy S4 and up on the cards, we have another clincher from Samsung’s kitty dubbed as Galaxy S5. Ever since the grand inception of Galaxy S4 in markets, all the eyeballs had automatically turned to the alleged new Samsung Galaxy. Rumors flocked from every nook and cranny, heating up the discussions over coffee tables and cyber clubs. Everyone was anxious to predict the potential specs of the high-end device but before we could hear a word from the horse’s mouth, Samsung S5 has hit the headlines once again. The upcoming Galaxy S5 has reportedly bagged the Best Smartphone 2014 tag and has already been titled as the most-awaited smartphone device of the approaching year.

Samsung Galaxy S5 titled the Best Smartphone 2014

It seems like Samsung has played its cards with all the aces in its hand. With some powerful traits of technology on offer, the device has been the most anticipated phablet device in the markets. Big display panel, swift processor, state of the art camera and huge on-house storage as some of the key attributes of Samsung Galaxy S5. The fifth-generation handset which arrives in March, 2014 has a lot more to offer to tech-savvy freaks. Amidst such massive attention, we can be quite sure that what follows will be a win-win situation for the company for a great flow of currency is assured.

Samsung’s knack to change the face of smartphone markets well reflects in its lineage of products and within the scenario where smartphone grow big and bigger in size, it would be interesting to see what other brands do to remain in competition. Putting that aside, rumors are also rife that Galaxy S5 will be seen featuring some key security provisions to make the device off the radar of intruders. No surprises here, Samsung Galaxy S5 will indeed be the best smartphone of 2014.

Do tell us about your expectations from the device by dropping in your comments. We would love to hear your opinion. 

2 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 titled the Best Smartphone 2014

  1. Minchan says:

    Can’t wait!

  2. michael says:

    i got a galaxy s3. ive seen their ads about folding phone and tab. it was called oled or youm. i was surprised and very interested. S4 came but not much of a surprise. unless S5 is a youm type or something interesting like R2D2 of star wars then il stick to S3 if not broken. my phone still manages to run heavy games on playstore.
    but i do like their sleek upgrades though and powerful processor.

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