Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date | Top 3 Possibilities

Samsung Galaxy S5 is the newest baby in the series of Galaxy S Smartphones, and all the eyes are looking at it. Fans are wondering about Galaxy S5 release date. In this write-up, we will display all the possibilities in this regard and finally come to a conclusion based on our observations.

galaxy s5 release date

Possibility 1. Galaxy S5 will Release Before Christmas 

As we have written in this post, the Korean company may look forward to release the beast in the month of December. This will boost the sales, as people like to exchange gifts and do shopping on the eve of Christmas. 

Possibility 2. Galaxy S5 will Release in April 2014

Galaxy s4 release date has been set in April 2013. Similarly, Galaxy S3 was released around the same time in 2012. So, the company seems to have developed a tendency of releasing Galaxy smartphones with one-year gaps. Samsung Galaxy S5 can be witnessed in the month of March/April, as the fire around Galaxy SIV is settled.

Possibility 3. There is no 5th Generation of Galaxy Smartphone

Hehe, just kidding! We will definitely have Galaxy S5 smartphone as per the above two possibilities. Whatever may be the results, Samsung will give stiff competition to the likes of iPhone. So, let’s keep our fingers crossed as we witness the Galaxy S5 beast coming out soon!

32 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date | Top 3 Possibilities

  1. fayez says:

    excellent phone all the time. I like all Samsung smartphone series because I have used all.

    • gaurav says:

      That’s cool Fayez. I too have Samsung Galaxy S4 right now, and it works nicely, so I decided to come up with a blog on Galaxy S5. You could subscribe to our blog and like us on facebook to keep getting latest updates on S5. Thank you for visiting :)

      • chaz says:

        Hi Gaurav

        Jus wandering where your sources of info come from?
        Everyone is battling with info to aquire for the Note 3…
        so how..&…where in the world do you get your info on the S5?
        Or…is it your fantasy expectations?


        • chaz says:

          Ohhh…and…by the way…l think tablets…laptops…computers..
          will be obsolete in the next decade.
          These smartphones will get a bit more bigger…say 6.5″ which are
          still pocketable…and be super fast in speed…awesome in viewing..
          be super powerful like computers…and obviously mobile too!
          That’s my thinking…as l see things advancing the way they are.


          • Gaurav says:

            Thanks for your comments Chaz. Yes, the next generation smartphones, laptops and other devices are going to be simply superb! We have some sources close to Samsung and rest wish-list comes from the best possibilities for the upcoming smartphone!

  2. darlene says:

    I hope the Galaxy S5 will be slim like the I5 phone. The 5″ is too wide for my grip.

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi darlene,

      Thanks for leaving your suggestion here. Yes we are also looking forward to a slim phone. In fact, we will be writing about this galaxy s5 feature soon on our blog, so pls subscribe to us to get latest updates, thank you

      • Fake Name says:

        what crap is all this? Note 3 is barely confirmed and specs unknown, and s4 has released just 2 months ago and now s5 has come up??

        LOL i guarantee it aint gonna come before march next year, much less this year!

        • Gaurav says:

          buddy, people are looking forward to what their next Samsung Galaxy will offer, n we are putting up the best info to help them. Ofcourse, the release of the phone is next year around April, I perfectly agree with you.

  3. Rahul says:

    Hello n Thanks Gaurav for this info.. I didnot buy s4 bcoz s3 n s4 are off same design.. n i read somewhr on net that s5 will b rectangular shape with water/ dust/n shock resistant… Is that true????
    Hopefully s5 degisn is not same like s4…..

    • Gaurav says:

      You are right Rahul, Galaxy S5 will offer new features in terms of design, display and internal configuration. You have made a right decision to wait for this fantastic smartphone!

  4. Ettie says:

    went is the Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be in the market? And what will be the difference between the S4 and S5?

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi Ettie.. S5 is coming around the month of April, 2014. The difference will lie in the fact that S5 will look better and deliver top notch specs to users, including better RAM, OS and internal capacity. There is much more. Have a look at the various blog posts on our site please thanks :D

      • chaz says:

        Gaurav…hope its O.S. is better than the current 4.2.2…talk about heaps of bugs in the system!!!…
        Samsung ought to be drawn n quartered…30 lashes…for their crap software!!!…
        I just bought the Galaxy S4…its Riddled with bugs!
        Really peaved off too!!!…

        • Gaurav says:

          Hi chaz.. The brand new Key lime pie Version 5.0 is in plans, and believe me it is going to be just awesome. BTW, thanks for writing your opinions here.

          • chaz says:

            Gaurav…l understand friend that you are very passionate towards
            this so called later upcoming Samsung unit…BUT…how can you say to me…and…everyone…that “Key Lime Pie 5.0″ is going to be so awesome…when in fact it could possibly be scrapped for something else in the future!?
            Don’t get your hopes up too much…anything can happen between here and then!
            Right now…it is ONLY SPECULATION!

  5. Sweety says:

    Chaz… It seems to me like you are not interested in the upcoming galaxy s5… So I was just wondering what on earth are you doing even reading this article? I myself have an s3 with no “bugs” that I know of and cannot wait to get the s5 next year… It just seems to me that someone like you should rather spend time on sites about things you are actually interested in…

  6. Mai says:

    I love Samsung. I’m a big fan. I’m waiting for the GS5 and already can not wait! But I have a question … I think that Samsung should make their phone to be easy screenshot like the iPhones. I love screenshot and I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one. Samsung please look into this and make it happen for the next big thing.

    • Gaurav says:

      Thanks for your suggestion Mai. Hope Samsung takes this into consideration by reading your comment ;)

      • Mai says:

        Have Samsung know what type or what size will the GS5 take? I’m just couriers ahead of time.

        • Gaurav says:

          S5 screen will be 5.2″ in size, and the rest body will imitate S4′s size. Thanks Mai.

          • Mai says:

            OMG! I got my question wrong but thanks for answering it anyway. What I meant was… what type of “sim card” will the GS5 take or use???….LOL funny how just one word can make a question completely different. :>

  7. Shania says:

    Well I am very excited about Samsung’s S5 that is to be released in 2014. I have the GS3 but I dont know, should I get the GS4 or just wait for the GS5? I dont like the idea of the GS5 being so big with the 5″ screen though. Please help!

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Shania,

      S5 does have a big screen, however according to news, it will come with a flexible display which means you can bend the 5″ screen into half its size. With features like S5, you just can’t miss it.

  8. Saurabh says:

    What about Samsung Galaxy S6?
    Will it be launched or not?

  9. twinkle says:

    Defintely looking forward to the S5 …… My wish list would be for an internal FM Radio (not internet) and a triple-tap to ZOOM in at the main screen like Apple has (Senior people like me can’t see the tiny words clearly)

  10. dipak kalimbe says:

    I like this samsung galaxy s5.

  11. Alex Lulas says:

    Heyyy! I want to buy S5this year! And how much will it be ?! I want it!

    • Gaurav says:

      Sure Alex, if you want it, you will have it. Just stay tuned and subscribe to our blog for day to day updates about it. It will be available for 750 USD.

  12. isha says:

    Hi I would really love if the S5 comes out this year I would love it so much its so beautiful please and thank you

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