Samsung Galaxy S5 Release – 2013 or 2014? | Specs & Rumors

As you would have known till now, this blog is dedicated to the next great innovation by Samsung known as Samsung Galaxy S5 | Samsung Galaxy SV | New Samsung S5. We have been talking about the release date, specs, price, features and all the rumors of the smartphone revolving on the net. Today, we will have a look at some more interesting stuff, including Samsung Galaxy S5 release date.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release Date: 2013 or 2014?

Our simple answer to this question is, the smartphone is going to be released in the year 2014. This is due to many reasons. First, Samsung Galaxy smartphones release only after an gap of one year. As the iPhone 6 release date is said to be in June 2014 according to many analysts, Samsung Galaxy SV would like to pose the major competition in front of it with the smartphone’s ultimate specs & amazing features.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Specs & Features

That might be the main cause of worry for Apple and HTC. Samsung galaxy s4 was so hugely successful among the fans that the upcoming Samsung S5 has already created huge thunders. Let us have a look at the possible specifications and features, the Korean company is going to bestow in the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Release - 2013 or 2014? | Specs & Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera

The smartphone will have an ultimate 16 Megapixel Shooter in the rear part and 2 Megapixel camera in front. This will be complemented with some great features like dual shooting, night mode, still photography and many more.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Body

This time around, Samsung will use high quality metal in the device, as the last gadget was highly criticized for the presence of plastic, which makes the phone look cheap according to many technology fans.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

This will an important specification, which can decide the fate of the smartphone. With so many major qualities, and high-end specs, the battery tends to get dull sooner. So, the phone will need atleast 3500 mAh or higher capability battery. It might boost the net price of the smartphone to some extent, but fans will get a better level of comfort and satisfaction.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Screen: 3D & Flexible

Galaxy S5 3D specs have been doing rounds for quite a few days now. The phone will have a 3D display and the organic LED used in the screen will give it a flexible mode. It means that you can simply fold your big smartphone and it will easily come into your pockets. The fans will certainly like to see the latest “Youm” technology to be implemented in the device.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Price

Now, that is what Samsung will have to think twice about. Although for high-end users, the quality of the product matters more than the price, there are some users who consider price as well while choosing between iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones or that of any another brand/company. As per our guess, Samsung would like to keep the price of Galaxy SV around $650 – $700, which means that the users will enjoy great functionality along with excellent features at an affordable price.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Pros

  • Best battery backup
  • Excellent Camera and Video Quality
  • Flexible Display with 3D effects.
  • Possible inclusion of fingerprint sensor, Youm Display and Shatterproof screen

Samsung Galaxy S5 Cons

  • Possible increase in price
  • Absence of water-proof and dust-proof features
  • Bigger screen might not be portable, if Samsung doesn’t include folding display

Stay tuned for latest news, upcoming rumors, leaks and official specs/features of Samsung Galaxy S5.

39 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 Release – 2013 or 2014? | Specs & Rumors

  1. melda says:

    im waiting for this

  2. Sebastian Evensen says:

    I think about April/May 2014.

    • Gaurav says:

      Perfectly agreed Sebastian. Looking at the past releases, we can say the smartphone will release near April, 2014.

      • RichardC says:

        So what you guys suggest? I have, unfortunately, the iPhone 4. It has several problems, (cracked screen and LED). I really want to get a new phone (I was waiting and waiting for the S4) However do you think that it would be worth it to wait for the Galaxy S5? (I see no reason in buying a new phone now and renewing my contract and then paying out the ear to get the phone at full price a few months later).

        • Gaurav says:

          Hey Richard, Yes you should wait for the S5, but since its release is next year in April, you can consider buying the wonderful Galaxy S4 (only if your budget allows).. Else, S5 is going to an obvious choice for all of us.

        • Jon Dwyer says:

          Richard if you buy a phone now do yourself a big favor and buy either the HTC ONE or the LG G2. Both phones are better than the S4 in a big way. These people suggesting the S4 are simply Sammy fan boys and not giving you a honest opinion. I work around all these phones and can tell you both the ONE & G2 operate so much smoother than the S4. Not to mention when you buy a Samsung device you will be stuck with its current update for a very long time. Samsung just recently updated there very expensive Note2 and S4 to android 4.3, and with that update the phones run slower and even less smooth than before. Samsung’s sole purpose to even push out the update was to make these phones compatible with there galaxy gear watch in order to increase sales. If not for the watch the Note2 would still be running 4.1 and the S4 4.2. If you decide to wait, wait to see what HTC does with there new flagship, if the ONE was considered the best Android phone of all time thus far, I would imagine the follow up will be that much better. Also Samsung is only finally going to possibly release a premium device to follow in the footsteps of HTC – don’t follow a follower.

  3. Apple says:

    but I like samsung S4 coz it is great tooo

  4. isaac metta says:

    I am waiting for galaxy s5

  5. Kevork says:

    Why waterproof and dustproof features are absent??

  6. Priyvadan says:

    I am waiting Sv

  7. king says:

    I need S-V as soon as. because i need new technology and my profession is software engg. so please bring it soon. Thank you Samsung

  8. Sokaina says:

    OMG !! Love this phone ! Can’t wait to get it(: I unfortunately have an iphone 5 , it has no problems , BUT no flash , it just sucks because all the other smartphone have flash and other features like downloading a song right out of the website it’s just amazing , No any other phone would top the S5 !! It’s just amazing even though I may have Apple Products “unfortunately ” but I still love and adore samsung because of its amazing features ! So yes! Hopefully I get this phone ,and my contract with my phone would be over

  9. JCarmo says:

    Dual slot for PIN cards

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  11. alja says:

    hello i am alja interests how much will soon this phone samsung galaxy s5

  12. Otniel says:

    Why in SV not used pen ?

  13. Sokolia says:

    Wie groß wird der Samsung Galaxy S5 ?
    Wird da ein großer unterschied mit dem s4 sein ?

  14. alejnadra says:

    I’ll wait for this to come out but only so the s4 will go down in price

  15. Kalle says:

    Hey guys
    I personally love Samsung, but they started to play with us just like Apple did with its iPhone. Samsung began releasing at least 2 or 3 models in one year. it means the phone you bought, toss it and buy a new one instead …
    if judgment continues that way, and they’ll end up in the same place where the iPhone ended

    I think we can influence this, we keep our phones until they change their attitude with manufacturing

    Good thinking or how guys

  16. Lumin H- says:

    I readed rumors specifications Samsung galaxy S5 will be available with laser keyboard. I think that is not sure 99%. Samsung mobile market want to beat another mobile phones market, so rumors specifications only forshow. Soo best smart phone if S5 with inbulit laser keyboard. Who can say “with inbulit laser keyboard”? ! ? ;-)

  17. Alyssa says:

    How big do you think it will be?

  18. melika says:

    I think it will be very expensive

  19. melika says:

    How much does it cost do you think?

  20. Ranjan says:

    Hw much it gonna be cost?.

  21. Jokozzz says:

    I think thats not agree for samsung galaxy s6 concept 2015 to be next in galaxy s4 thats very good if release that s6 other brand phones will be worried from thats spects for s6 will be no.1 phone in year 2014

  22. Dharm nath yadav says:


  23. s.Abi says:



  24. jovan says:

    this is photoshopped,if you look closer you will see a grey paint mark on the IV part

  25. Chris David says:

    hellow friends…is it true that the galaxy s3 is much better than the galaxy s4??.. coz i recently wanted to buy an s4 but alot of people keep telling me the s3 is much better than the s4….i need ur advice plz

  26. Zorigt says:

    Im waiting S5

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