Samsung Galaxy S5 on T mobile and Verizon – Which one would you buy?

Hello readers. Today we have a question to pose to you all, regarding networks. When the Samsung Galaxy S5 is released, will you be happy for it to be on T-Mobile or Verizon? In the UK, Verizon does not exist, but vodafone is part of verizon, owning roughly 20 percent of it.
So in america, T Mobile is a huge brand with lots of positive reviews and happy customers, but it does not compare to the size of Verizon. For those of you who do not know what Verizon is, they are a multibillionaire company who deal in media, such as broadband, phones, and wireless technology as a whole. A little like Virgin or Sky in the UK. But which one would you buy?
Lets go over some advantages and negatives of buying a Galaxy S5 on Verizon. First of all they have great customer services, so if anything does go wrong, you can have advice, or even send your phone off to be repaired and have it fixed soon. A negative that you may want to consider when getting one new Samsung S5 on contract with verizon is that the contract prices tend to be on the high side. Although you are paying for better coverage, possibly internet speed and good customer service, some people may not be prepared to fork out the extra cash for Verizon. Know more about Galaxy S5 deals and contracts here.
Samsung Galaxy S5 on T mobile and Verizon - Which one would you buy?
Now we need to take a look at T mobile. From looking at price comparison websites and the actual deals on their own website for the Galaxy S4, and comparing them with the Verizon wireless site, its clear that T mobile is a better option for those of you who are price conscious. However, they do lack coverage according to the coverage map supplied on their website here
However it does seem that if you are in a good area, your internet speeds can be blazing fast which is a good thing. Overall, it depends on what type of experience you are looking for when purchasing a mobile. If you are looking to keep costs down and still have a good mobile then you should go with Tmobile, but if you don’t really mind about the price and just want fantastic service all round, you need to go with Verizon while buying Samsung Galaxy SV! Do share this article on fb, twitter and Google+, if you liked the report. 

5 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 on T mobile and Verizon – Which one would you buy?

  1. Arnab Mitra says:

    i just wanted to know,what will be the GALAXY S5 price in indian rupees(INR).

  2. web page says:

    This web site certainly has all the information I needed concerning this subject and
    didn’t know who to ask.

  3. billy says:

    T mobile is great but wont discount the phone $660.00 no contract. Verizon will do the s5 for $200.00 with 2 year contract. So over 2 years I save around $400.00. I would rather stay with t mobile but they will not budge on the price. They are killing me!

    • quasi says:

      depending on your contract with verizon if you are sepnding $25 extra per month on verizon over the 2 years then you are spending $600 over the contract for the verzon phone plus your initial $200 therefore $800 for verizon vs $660 for tmobile.
      just sayin who’s really killing you.

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