Samsung Galaxy S5 First Infographics – A Picture Speaks Better than Words!


Smartphones c0me in handy today, when you try to entertain yourself, click great photos or just send an important email to the customer. Few smartphones change the shape of the industry with their extraordinary features, as they come great specifications and a great brand name. Samsung Galaxy S5 is one of them. Scheduled to be launched in the first quarter of 2014, it is one of the most hyped smartphones in news currently. We bring to you its first info-graphics, which tells you the main features of the smartphone, as well its price in form of this picture below. Have a look and decide for yourself.

Samsung Galaxy S5 First Infographics - A Picture Speaks Better than Words!

Samsung Galaxy S5 is a one of its kind smartphones! Its specifications are something to look out for, as it offers everything from a dashing looks to a superb 16 MP camera! The YOUM Organic display will add a new feather to its long list of ultimate features! For more details, specs and features of Samsung Galaxy S5, just visit Galaxy S5 US today!

26 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 First Infographics – A Picture Speaks Better than Words!

  1. maarten says:

    What date will we see the first pictures?
    Greetz Maartn

  2. Samsung Galaxy Fan says:

    720 $ its getting less expensive? but its still enough!

    • maarten says:

      If i convert 720$ in to euro’s it says 540€ is that how much it’s going to cost in belgium?

      Greetz Maartn

  3. Gaurav says:

    Yes Marteen, that’s correct. However if you have contract deals in Belgium, I would suggest go for them. They will make the price of S5 go under 150 Euros. Let me know, if you have any doubts.

  4. maarten says:

    No i would like to pre-order it.
    And here is an example of a contract deal.

    Samsung Galaxy S4
    99€ + 70€/month for 24 months.
    Thats a total of 1770€..

    Greetz Maartn

  5. omar zain says:

    Wow!! Loving it is easy. That is why so many people do. GS5

  6. maarten says:

    If u have to money i think it’s best to buy to phone without the contract.
    If u would like some more info about the phone in belgium you can ask me if u want
    Just send the question to my email adress
    I’ll provide u with the best possible awnser so u can post it on the blog if u want.
    I’ll be glad to help u. I really love this blog.

    Greetz Maartn

  7. maarten says:

    When u know the exact day of the release of the galaxy S5 can u put a countdown clock on your forum?
    And i know the release date is somewhere in april 2014. But the date that u can pre-order the galaxy s5 is it before or after the release date?


  8. nan says:

    Hi I was just wondering if the screen would be any stronger than the S4? I know a lot of people who have gotten this phone and the screen cracks very easily

  9. Misha says:

    I was wondering if maybe the Galaxy S5 could come out earlier than April or May because rumor has it Apple is going to start releasing 2 phones a year and the S4 wasnt a huge jump from the S3 anyways.

    Also, is the battery going to be user-replaceable?

    • Gaurav says:

      Sorry Misha, Galaxy S series smartphones have been coming at a pace of one per year, and they do need a few months to cope up with the users’ huge expectations this time. Yes the battery will be replaceable. Thnks

  10. maarten says:

    Gaurav, do u have a Galaxy Phone?


  11. maarten says:

    Nice collection. Why not the first one?
    And gaurav. When is the next news on the blog coming? Can’t wait..


    • Gaurav says:

      :) I had iPhone before I went for S2. And it made me its complete fan.

      What would you like to hear about this time Maarten? We have almost covered everything, but there’s something fishy coming soon

  12. maarten says:

    People are starting to know what flexible screens are. But not how it works.
    It’s very interisting i think. Do u know or can u find out how the casing will fold if it’s true that the galaxy s5 will be able to bend because of its youm display.
    Or i don’t. I speak for myself and maybe others will agree. But the thing is. Everything about the s5 is interesting. U can make 10 blogs about the same subject and it will still be interesting.
    Its so fun to read something about it. Doesnt matter what.
    Its how u write these things. Its just fun to read.


  13. ecaps24 says:


    Do you think the S5 will have an edge to edge display?


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