Samsung Galaxy S5 | Brief review | Specs and features

Samsung galaxy S5 has got all the attention of tech lovers even before its release. Yes, Samsung has established itself as one of the most innovative manufacturers of smartphones. And with all the successful devices lined up in its credit, we expect high from Galaxy S5 this time.

Let us explore briefly about what this amazing smartphone holds for all of us.

Display specifications

As far as sources have confirmed, galaxy S5 will be a featuring a 32 point touch sense 5.2” display that is pretty cool as of now. Also, there are rumours that Samsung will introduce YOUM technology to make your display even more flexible.


If you are a photography lover, then this phone is for you. The Galaxy S5 will feature a primary 16 MP camera as confirmed by sources and also a 5 MP front camera to add to your excitement.

Processor and RAM

Another interesting fact about Galaxy S5 is that it will be the introductory device for the most awaited android version 5.0 Key Lime Pie which makes it even more special. The device will feature a huge 4GB RAM. Also, it will have a 128 GB inbuilt storage capacity. Amazing! Isn’t that?

Body and other add-ons

 Samsung has decided not to use a plastic body this time as it was one of the major drawbacks of its previously launched devices. To get over this, carbon-fibre body is what Samsung has planned to use along in place of the plastic one. The body will be water proof as well to provide you a safe use.

Also it will have a shatter proof screen to add to its specifications.

FM radio

The phone will have a FM radio which was missing SG4 and was disliked by its fans. So, FM will be back in this device. Also, there will be an in-built antenna to facilitate the playing of FM radio without earphones. Now, that’s something wonderful.

Newer technologies

Samsung is planning to make this phone atrend setter as it will be introducing many never seen before technologies. One of them YOUM a mentioned above in the display section. Then there will be infra-red sensors. The phone will also feature finger-print sensors which have not been witnessed yet in any other device.

Release date and price

Officially the release date is not announced but we can expect this awesome phone to hit the stores in Q2 of 2014 only and not before that. The price is also a sensitive point of discussion as it may not be affordable for all. But yes! Whatever it will be, the phone will be worth that. Tentatively, we can estimate that to be around $ 700.

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7 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S5 | Brief review | Specs and features

  1. Ismail says:

    I don’t think that the s5 will have a metal body. Yesterday i saw the reveal of the note 3 and it had a soft “leathery” back. And all the people of samsung just kept saying that it gives a premium fealing and bla bla bla bla. So i think that samsung dont want to be like the other phone marks and use metal ore glass, but that “warm leathery”stuff.

  2. kavir says:

    Hi Gaurav when is the S5 prototype pic coming out

  3. kavir says:

    Hey Gaurav when is the prototype picture of the S5 coming out

  4. Bas says:

    I hope that come in a beamer

  5. ammar says:

    when is the release date for samsung s5

  6. Gaurav says:

    There is no Key lime pie android.
    Kit Kat is confirmed by Google & is Android 4.4

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