Pros and Cons of new Samsung Galaxy S5

Having read the title, you must be wondering what could be possible pros and cons of such a fantastic smartphone – Samsung Galaxy S5. Well, we would like to tell you everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. And the ONLY DISADVANTAGE Galaxy SV has is that you will have to shell out some bucks from your pocket to have it ;)

Pros and Cons of new Samsung Galaxy S5

Let’s come to the advantages. Now there is a huge list of what all you will get with the new Samsung S5 smartphone! Here we go.

  1. This dashing device will add a great glamour to your personality, wherever you take it – to a party, friend’s engagement, or a dinner with near & dear ones. Its cool looks and great shine will give you a new reason to smile.
  2. You won’t feel any need to buy a camera, gaming platforms or even a FM Radio. Because the next Galaxy S5 comes with all this, and a bit more. There are sensational features like a superb 16 Megapixel camera, superior graphics, FM radio and added RAM, which will take your smartphone experience to a new level.
  3. Entertainment is what the smartphone will give you. Wait – Entertainment with SPEED! Android Key Lime Pie will be a force to reckon with, as the smartphone comes with an additional 128 GB internal capacity to carry out all the tasks swiftly and to an utmost level of satisfaction.

We know you are already excited about Samsung Galaxy S5 release, and want to preorder it as soon as possible. But wait. This wait will be worth it. After all, Samsung needs some time to test the great technologies it is gonna introduce in the upcoming Lion smartphone ;)

11 Responses to Pros and Cons of new Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. granoldad says:

    This has been a great info blog Kudos !
    Like several of the other comments, I to have the SGS3 and have decided to wait on the SGS5. The wife and son are wanting the SGS4 now so they can have the current version if they want.

    Myself I customize the h#!! out of my phones and since it takes about a solid month just to get it tweaked to operate the way I want it; SGS5 is in my budget now so when preorders are available I will be the first one on the band wagon.

    Anyway I have had the SGS2 (gave to the son) and the SGS3 current. I have been using cell phones since they were invented (yes the big brick {yes I am that old}), my oldest son is 39. Samsung has been the most reliable phones I have ever used. I will continue with Samsung products since I believe they are at the top of their game. With Moore’s Law becoming more compressed each revolution that turns; I am looking forward to the next leap in technology by Samsung’s SGS5 and Google’s Key Lime Pie hoping to get at least two days between charges.

    • Gaurav says:

      Hey Granoldad, Good to have your heart out in form of comment here. Owing a Samsung S5 in your hands would be a proud feeling, and rest assured you will have a great battery life, OS and processor in the smartphone!

  2. Valon says:

    So far I’ve had the iPhone, Galaxy S5 will be my first phone with Android. I like Cydia to install many useful programs but iPhone has just become monotonous. I have a question, because I am beginner in Android, is there any alternative to Cydia for android and is there hope to reduce the risk of viruses because that is open source. Thank you.

    • Gaurav says:

      Yes Valon, there are many alternatives to Cydia like Cydia Substrate and Winterboard. Just search Google and you can download them all after you select one of them.

  3. sushil says:

    when samsung galaxy s5 will come in india n what prise

    with love

  4. Deepak Raghav says:

    I am waiting for this superior galaxy smartphone and expecting more n more from Samsung for this. It’ll bring new revolution in smartphones world and can be big challange for competitors. Thanks for this latest update.

    Dou you have some Idea about screen resolution and size?

  5. Thanks Gaurav, I am so excited for this next gen phone. You have good knowledge of galaxy series so keep it up..

  6. Alex says:

    Will the galaxy s5 feature 3gb of ram, or 4? I thought, since the note 3 will have 3 , shouldn’t the s5 have a bit more? Please, reply.

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