Price of Galaxy S5 in USA / Australia / UK | Samsung Galaxy SV

Samsung has rocked the tech world with its Galaxy smartphones and Samsung Galaxy S5 price is one of the craziest news tech geeks are looking for! There are hardly any tech-fans who won’t love to know about the upcoming features and specs of the upcoming Smartphone. However, we have come up with an article about the Samsung Galaxy SV price, which has become a roaring news lately.

samsung galaxy s5 price

Samsung Galaxy SV price in USA has been set as $720. This cost is just an assumption, thanks to the analysts who work day and night to produce such news for the die-hard users of smartphones. The price is devoid of any taxes, which means that the actual price of Samsung Galaxy SV will be just more than that. So, are you ready to pay this price for a smartphone with simply amazing specs?

Here we go with Samsung SV price details in the different countries :-

1. Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in UK & USA – 720 USD

2. Samsung Galaxy SV Price in India – 38000 INR Approx.

3. Samsung Galaxy S5 Price in Australia – 702 Australian Dollars

Looking for Samsung Galaxy S5 price in your own country? All you need is to convert the above currencies in your own local currency! The Samsung Galxy SV smartphone will be available by 2014.

13 Responses to Price of Galaxy S5 in USA / Australia / UK | Samsung Galaxy SV

  1. I would like to buy a samsung galaxy S5 lte, please contact me duudgcerqueira “googlemail”

  2. gaurav says:

    Sure dudugcerqueira.We will contact you, as soon as Galaxy s5 lte is launched.. thanks!

  3. Hello, but someone know now who sell this phone???

  4. Lulu says:

    How do I know if its a Samsung galaxy s5??? Thanks!

  5. Gaurav says:

    Many top dealers like Amazon, ebay etc will sell this smartphone when it is released. And our blog represents the best possibilities about the Samsung galaxy s5 news, specs & features. Keep visiting for latest updates, and subscribe to be our regular readers, thanks.

  6. Vipin Sharma says:

    I am thinking thet it would be better than note 3 isn’t it would???

    • Gaurav says:

      Yes Vipin. There is a lot of time for Samsung to work on better technologies and most modern specs, so S5 has to better than Galaxy Note 3.

  7. piet stander says:


  8. bry says:

    where can I see a picture of the real galaxy s5

    • Gaurav says:

      Hi bry, the images you see on our blog describes the samsung galaxy s5 features. however samsung is yet to release its official images. as soon as they are out, we will be the first one to show it to the fans. thanks

  9. Jemamagray says:

    I like the s5 galaxy and desrately in needed of one,I want to know the price.

  10. miracle says:

    i want one

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