Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Which one is a better Option?

While Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be a tiger smartphone, Galaxy Note 3 is going to bigger & better this time. According to the strongest rumors, Note 3 will release in October 2013, and as per our analysis, there is still a lot of time for Galaxy S V to release. But are you still wondering, which of the Samsung devices you should buy? Then have a look at the following article, which will give you a clear idea so you could make the decision in the most well informed manner.

Galaxy S5 vs Note 3 - which one is a better option?

Display Size and Specifications

If you are the one who like keeping small handsets with you, then forget it. Because both Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Galaxy S5 are going to have a big screen. It is rumored that while the Note gadget will have a 5.99 inch display, Galaxy SV will be litter lesser at 5.2 inches. While the Note 3 might well have an AMOLED display, our S5 will be equipped with UHD display. It might also have a 3D display to impress the users, who love to watch pics and videos in three dimensions.

Both will have Metal Body

Yes, the present scenario which has been observed till now suggests that the fans quite didn’t like the plastic body of the earlier versions of both the smartphones, so both are going to have an awesome metallic body, with a shatterproof display, waterproof and durable body.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – The Next Magical Sensation of the Smartphone World!


Here you have a clear cut winner.  Galaxy Note 3 will have an Android 4.3 version, Jelly Beam, while our beast smartphone Galaxy S5 will be equipped with a dashing Android 5.0, Key Lime Pie operating system.

Release Date

As we have already talked, Note 3 will be out in the month of October 2013 after IFA event, while you will have to wait for Samsung Galaxy S V for a few more months, as its expected release date in going to be somewhere in the first quarter of 2014.

So, which of the smartphones are you going to buy? Would you still call them smartphones, or tablets with such a large screen? Well, they could well be something between the both.

Keep a close eye, as we are with you in making a smart decision, while you choose between Galaxy Note 3 vs Galaxy S5.

11 Responses to Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – Which one is a better Option?

  1. Shakir Sahill says:

    I wanna buy galaxy s5

    • gaurav says:

      Sure, we will have it soon. Keep visiting our blog for latest updates on Galaxy S5 release date, price, deals & features.

  2. xxiyd says:

    egarly w8ng 4 note 3 dude….nw am using note 2…..

  3. lorraine says:

    I think the S5 will take the top place just the features are gud

  4. Jack says:

    the metal body thing was a fake rumor, theyll both still be plastic, but the only thing we know for sure, is theyll be better than the s4 and the note 2

  5. abhinav says:

    well should i wait for the galaxy s5 or note 3 is better in overall ? i am confused??

    • Gaurav says:

      Note 3 is a good one! You can go for it, as it’s release is nearer. However if you can wait till April 2014, you must go for S5, all depends upon you. S5 is a better device overall

  6. zain bikha says:

    It really put smile on my face. Thanks Guirav and bring the latest updates so that I choose s5 over i phone 6

  7. George says:

    I will def await the s5.Ts gonna b a tiger fr real

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