Images of Galaxy S5: Displaying the Mega Features of Upcoming Samsung Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy SV is shaking the world of Apple and HTC months before its release. The latest Google Keywords Tool report says that the Global Monthly Exact Searches for “Samsung Galaxy S5” keyword has reached over 12,000. This alone is enough to show the craze of people towards the smartphone release.

samsung galaxy s5 pictures

As the expected Galaxy SV release date (March, 2014) comes closer, the above figures will rise exponentially. Nevertheless, there are hundreds of rumors, concepts and weird speculations about the galaxy smartphone are coming by on the network. They showcase the mega specs and features of the smartphone for the people who look forward to buy Samsung Galaxy S5.

Our own blog has already released some authenticated Galaxy SV pics and news. The best thing is that those assumptions about the device, which we write on soon become popular in the world. For example, our article on inclusion of fingerprint sensor in Galaxy SV (which is now a confirmed report) was mentioned in a popular foreign website. This is a mere starting, as we have promised to give our best in order to keep you updated about the device before preorder Galaxy S5 begins.

Let us look at some of the unique Galaxy SV images | pictures to have a better view of it.


samsung galaxy s5 pics

samsung galaxy s5 news, features and specs

galaxy s5 images


6 Responses to Images of Galaxy S5: Displaying the Mega Features of Upcoming Samsung Smartphone

  1. Skyline Mobile says:


  2. Mayank Sawant says:

    I think this smartphone will create so much market for Samsung company.

  3. curtis says:

    so the Samsung G5 comes in different shapes? I like the last one better

  4. Priyvadan says:

    It is good making feature sv main thing is waterproof & good body stacture
    I like it but mainly problem is u can’t put your pocket
    It is really big size

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