Galaxy S5 to Launch in April 2014 | A Big Step Forward by Samsung

Yes, finally the good news is here. Samsung will launch Galaxy S5 in an exclusive official event in the month of April, 2014. Wondering where the news has come from? It has come directly from a Samsung employee, who claims to have overheard the conversation between two top-level employees regarding the Samsung Galaxy S5 Launch.

Several rumors were surrounding our next generation smartphone launch – new Samsung S5 | Galaxy SV. However, with this, all have come to an end and we can assure of a great show next year with the release of this brilliant smartphone. Just the last year, everyone was excited about the release of Galaxy S4, and it has sold like a wildfire creating history for the Korean company.

The beast smartphone is said to have a 4GB RAM (earlier there were rumors about 3GB RAM), 16 megapixel smart shooter, 5.2 inches flexible display and many more interesting specs & features.

galaxy s5 launch date confirmed

We can expect Galaxy S V by Samsung to get huge number of preorders months before its release, as many people are asking us about the Galaxy S5′s probable specs and features through emails, comments and facebook texts. We have discussed these features in length on our blog. However, we would now like to know your opinion about what would you like to see in this smartphone?

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11 Responses to Galaxy S5 to Launch in April 2014 | A Big Step Forward by Samsung

  1. wenz chen says:

    i hope galaxy s5 would come with bigger battery capacity (more than 4000mah)

    2 speakers
    flexible, waterproof, dustproof dosplay
    higher CPU cloack rate (2,3Ghz or more using all 8 core running)
    4GB RAM
    32GB minimum internal storage
    bezel less.. screen not larger than 5,5″
    using keylime pie android OS
    wireless charging (include the wireless charger in the box)
    4G LTE support

  2. gaurav says:

    You have mentioned some really nice & interesting features Wenz Chen. Keep coming back for more details about Samsung Galaxy S5.

  3. humek says:

    for me it lacks the FM transmitter and beg not 5 inches larger niches as you want to buy some for yourselves larger tablets and Wear ear

  4. Yossi says:

    I hope galaxy s5 put a FULL HD 3D SCREEN
    5″0 maximum, I hope so Samsung will make the screen be more colorful, and bring us a cover to protect the device ( if it won’t be with flexible screen), and most importent they need to change the shape and the line of Galaxy S 3 and 4 (they look the same), here in Israel we receive the Samsung galaxy s4 a month after he came out in the rest of the world

  5. jelle says:

    32 GB storage, I thought that Samsung was working on an internal storage of 128GB ?

  6. Gaurav says:

    Yes Jelle, the company is working on 128 GB Modules, check this article:

    This article mentions about the probable RAM, which is 4GB (or 3GB).

  7. curtis says:

    Wenz Chen has put my thoughts to words. Gaurav can u tell us which ones of those were likely to expect..

  8. Gaurav says:

    Hey Curtis,

    Thanks for posting your expectations here. Here you go.

    1. 4GB RAM, 16 Megapixel rear and 3 MP front camera.
    2. Waterproof and shatterproof body, fingerprint sensor for better security.
    3. 128 GB Inbuilt memory, 5.2″ inches UHD display.
    4. FM Radio, Better Browsing capabilities and overheating problems solved.

  9. Stephanie says:

    I want it to be what ever proof just like the galaxy s4 active

  10. shashi kadu says:

    Nic pic by samsung

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