Fingerprint Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

According to a latest report, the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will have fingerprint sensor, when it launches in 2014. This follows from the fact that Taiwanese chip maker Chipbond is going to provide the Apple company with such fingerprint scanners or sensors for its upcoming iPhones. And from the same source, we have come to know that it has also been in talking terms with Samsung over the same deal for Galaxy S5 smartphone.

galaxy s5 features

Fingerprint sensors would be a new feature in the world of smartphones. There are several benefits associated with them. One of them is that the user can make quick & secure payments through the smartphone with the help of this fingerprint sensor. He just needs to click the device with his finger, which saves all the information and makes the payments quickly. There could be many more potential benefits of this technology like keeping the mobile secured.

The built-in fingerprint sensor for Samsung Galaxy s5 will be a great plus point, if implemented, since none of the top smartphones yet have this feature. This will add to the glory of our fifth generation flagship smartphone – Samsung Galaxy SV. Let’s wait and watch what all great features the Galaxy S5 smartphone will offer us!

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3 Responses to Fingerprint Sensor for Samsung Galaxy S5 ?

  1. curtis says:

    by far all the features r mind blowing I’d just like to know if i can pre order mine to come with my name @ the back, is it true its going to have a watch @ the back???

  2. sala says:

    i won’t buy gs 5 without finger print scanner .

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