An Interview with the ProBlogger – Zenil Shroff | SEO, Blogging & IM Tips


Zenil Shroff is a popular problogger and an influencing personality. He is a successful story of Internet Marketer, who runs numerous online projects and knows the ins and outs of today’s SEO. We got a chance to ask him some questions, which he generously agreed to answer. Let us have a look at what he thinks about Internet Marketing, SEO and blogging

An Interview with the ProBlogger - Zenil Shroff | SEO, Blogging & IM Tips

Q1. Zenil, please tell our readers how you started with Internet as a business tool, and how has your journey been?
A. Had been in this industry since 5+ years and the journey has been a life changer for me. I started my career by doing small link building jobs and in meanwhile i started learning seo, blogging etc.
Q2. What are some online ventures you are involved in?
A. Well there are many but for time being i would like to keep them a secret.
Q3. How long did it take for first blog or online venture to make you money?
A. It didn’t took much time since i bought readymade high PR site to start with and at then blogging was meant for link selling which is not the case now.
Q4. What mistakes have you made? Some thing that has delayed your success, or resulted in loss rather than profit?
A. Blogging business is always full of experiments, some fail and some give you unexpected results. I would suggest people to refrain from mass link building.
Q5. Different IM Gurus have different stories to tell on SEO. What is your take on SEO?
A. SEO is something that is getting unpredictable day by day. Personally i would suggest your readers to focus more on content and presentation/layout of site, SEO is equally important but most important are the visitors.
Q6. Do you believe in link building? If yes, would you like to share some of the in-trend strategies you use to build links and strengthen the rank of your sites?
A. Yes, link building is key concept of SEO, however i believe in building it slowly and gradually from relevant sites and social media.
Q7. Some specific Internet Marketing or SEO secrets/tips, you would like to share with our readers? 
A. Nothing is secret now a days, however i would suggest users to be active on social media, webmaster forums and other such platforms. Focus more on content and that will eventually give you real natural backlinks.
Q8. Uncountable people are still struggling with their new blogs, unable to get rankings. What mistakes do they do, according to you? If you are given a new blog, what steps would you take to rank it on the top?
A. No business in this world makes profit from day one, every venture needs time and investment along with key strategies and unique recipe. Uniqueness is the key thing today, whatever niche you choose you’ve to make your content unique, by unique i didn’t meant copyscape passed as most of bloggers thing so. Unique means out of the blue content. Instead of publishing 5-10 articles a day on site, focus on publishing masterpieces, take your time for deep research and apply new ideas to build content.
Q9. Do you believe in doing all the work by yourself, or outsourcing most of it, when it comes to your blogs/websites?
A. It is not possible to do all the tasks on your own, you’ve to outsource some jobs. Frankly speaking i am a lazy fellow when it comes to writing, i outsource most of the writing jobs, however i keep my focus on the niche, research and content to be.
Q10. At last, what is your message for people who are enthusiastically trying to build a successful Internet Marketing career?
A. Online business is not for those who want to make instant money. If you’ve patience and dedication you’ll always succeed no matter what business you choose. Always try to be unique, take inspiration from relevant blogs/sites in your niche. Instead of focusing on many ventures limit yourself to a few that you always love to do. When you do things that you love to do then work never remains work it becomes passion.

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