3500 mAh Battery in Samsung Galaxy S5 ? Interesting!!

As we all know till now that Samsung Galaxy S5 is creating thunders in the minds of fans already, as we prepare for a powerful release of the Galaxy SIV smartphone in the coming days. But the most disturbing fact is that such high-end specifications and features in Galaxy S5 will mean a higher consumption of battery at a quick rate.

So, we all need to see a stronger battery in Galaxy S5, don’t we? The answer is a simple “YES”. Samsung very well understands this fact, which is why our next flagship smartphone will rock the world with either a 3100 mAh battery or a 3500 mAh battery.

We are all looking forward to 3GB RAM, ultra HD Display and 128 GB Internal memory in Samsung Galaxy SV. This will boost the need of a strong battery back-up. Moreover, we might have a 16 MP camera (or even an upgrade of the same).

galaxy s5 battery

This doesn’t mean that Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone will be inefficient in any manner. It will boast of some world-class specs and features, which will leave the technology fans astonished with its first glance. Meanwhile, many websites and blogs are coming up with good concept of Galaxy SV, and we all need to see which one will most aptly match the Galaxy S5 model we will witness in a few months.

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  1. Rugga says:

    Does the GLS5 has a baterry dual or single?

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